google developer website test


google developer website test

Because companies and cross-border e-commerce do not often build a website,Therefore, the screening of the website construction company is more distracted。

Whether it is opening up domestic or international business,The website must be high quality to get higher exposure on the target market network.,Create more business opportunities。

(google developer website test)From a global perspective,Google is the main source of potential customer populations in foreign trade enterprises.。In the case of various promotion expenses,How to get a target customer group focus on overall lower cost is particularly important。

High-quality website has achieved potential customers for enterprises to help huge

About2017Years later,Google has continuously improved the assessment criteria and test tools for our website.,Website design designed to help developers。Can this standard help us assess whether the foreign trade website is qualified?,Can also help companies go to selection website construction companies。

Google website quality testing tool

Google provides two sets of related tools for website detection,These two tools are based on Google web design rules。

The evaluation tool is applied to the website to build a market a epoch-episode,Test different website tests,Compare data。This will help companies and e-commerce sellers choose to provide quality service website design service providers.。

GoogleSpeed InsightsTool URL:

PageSpeed Insights Actual performance report that generates web pages for mobile devices and desktop devices,And can provide suggestions about how to improve the corresponding web page。

The above linkPageSpeed InsightsTools have made a brief introduction and describe specifications。

The following is our website home pagePageSpeed Insights Test data screenshot:

google developer website test

Mobile website Home Google Page Performance Test

google developer website test

Desktop Water Home Google Page Performance Test

Chrome LighHouse

(google developer website test)A comprehensive web audit tool based on Google Browser。Contains website performance、Usability、Best operation andSEOPerformance and other evaluation。Since Google's original intention is to help website developers review detail or wrong practices that may ignore,So this tool is usedGoogleSpeed Insightsconvenient。

We explain this method,Operate according to the following steps,It is easy to test the quality of the website.。

google developer website test(google developer website test)Google web auditLightHouseInstructions for use

google developer website test(google developer website test)Google web auditLightHouseInstructions for use

Audit project selection1,3,4,5item,First2Item isPWAcompatible,Not currently available in China。

Will see the following test results:

google developer website testgoogle developer website test

The picture above is the company's official website home Google web audit results(source:newloong)

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