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Use one year,From Microsoft、Google's software engineer,Developer to the homemade system,How is the author of this article step by step from the independent technology stack to project,From paying money to earn money,from 0 arrive 1 Growing into a truly independent developer?This article is about to reveal the answer for everyone。

website developer columbia sc

author | Michael Lynch

(website developer columbia sc)Translator | Wang Yanni,Editor | Demon

The following is a translation:

(website developer columbia sc)Two years ago,In order to build your own software business,I quit.GoogleDevelopment work。One year later,IpoOut of your financial situation,Happiness index,An update to the overall situation of the lesson。Today is mesoloEnd of the second year,So it is time to update again.。

website developer columbia sc

How do I make money and spend money?

website developer columbia sc
measure 20182019Compared
income$2,262$7,254+$4,992 (+220%)
expenditure$23,133$9,657-$13,477 (-58%)
Net profit-$20,871-$2,402+$18,469 (+88%)
(website developer columbia sc)My financial situation has been improving this year this year.。My net profit increased from last year.$ 18,500!

In general,I am still lost money.,But don't be too tangled in this。I turned income into three times the last year.,achieve7.2kDollar,And cut the expenditure of more than half。

website developer columbia sc

How did you do it, you will not panic??

I have long-term stateless states often make people feel strange.。They think I am through the freelance(freelance)To support your loss business,But in fact I put100%Working time is spent on my business that doesn't make money.。This may be caused by the following three main factors:

  • Low cost:I do not have kids,And living in a low living cost,My daily spending is about months.$ 2k。

  • High storage:Give large software companies11After year,Don't put a small trick, it can't。

  • Lucky investment:In my entire career,Most of my funds have been cast.S&P 500middle,This is a strong market operation period during this period.。I got a good income in the small betting on the encrypted currency.。

website developer columbia sc

Summary on the next item

(website developer columbia sc)Zestful(

website developer columbia sc

ZestfulIs used to analyze a raw materialSaaS

ZestfulAt2018In the middle of the year,It is my rightSaaSThe first attempt for business。ZestfulEnjoy foodappIdentify the structure of formulation ingredients。Give“ 2again 1/2Skeek chopped parsley”Such an ingredient,ZestfulIt can infer the quantity2.5,Metrology unit is a spoon,Product is parsley,Preparing steps for chopping。

After receiving a big egg last year,ZestfulFinally2019During the year, it reached a considerable income.。single12A company sales in the month accounts forZestfulAnnual income79%,Also accounts for all the total business revenue last year53%。

website developer columbia scwebsite developer columbia sc

I am in order to keepZestfulStrive to work hard in search results

ZestfulIn a strange situation,Because companies that want to resolve the formula are never want to switch toZestful。Migrate to a newAPIThe cost exceedsZestfulPotential price and performance advantages。on the contrary,ZestfulAll customers are companies from head to new products。

How to sell products to a company that is not there??My strategy has always beenSEOMake an article,LetZestfulSimilar“Formula analysis”Keep a very born ranking in a query。

Is It Keto(

website developer columbia sc

Is It KetoIs a reference website for ketone fooders

Is It KetoCan provide readers to provide a clear,Direct answer,Tell them which food does not affect the ketone diet。WebsiteGoogle AdSenseDisplay advertising income,And whenever someone will order under my website, I will get a commission.。

website developer columbia sc

Is It KetoIncome2.3kDollar,I am2019Year income of the second high。Originally I have already4I gave up this website,But after four months, it will be,I realize that it slowly grows.。

website developer columbia sc(website developer columbia sc)Is It KetoMonthly traffic

Is It KetoVisitor88%From Search Engine,But I never know that the growth of search traffic is caused by what change I do for the site.。Have a few months,I added a lot of content.,Optimized page title,And get a reverse link before ranking,But the number of visits is still flat.。Sometimes,I haven't worked for a few months.,andGoogleAccess is increasing in the whole time。

Is It KetoIt is also my biggest expenditure,Because I will go out of most of the content.。This part of the money I spend too much.,Because I don't know how to recruit and manage write hands.,But this experience is a lot of me.,And cause me to write《Recruitment content written finger》This article has been widely ignored.。(laugh)

website developer columbia sc

The browse has fallen sharply,This is not enough。I am fromGoogleThe post of resignation is2018Yearned5010,000 views,So I didn't want to write an explosive article again.。

despite this,I still work hard last year to get readers.。In the past two years,I have no effort to promote,But many of my posts have been welcomed.。I will write the article in the future.,Then put it in a community like it。

exist2019year,I have a branched leaf from technical writing,Develop to more focused on operating a self-service business(bootstrapped business)The hard work on the way。Although there are many self-contained people(bootstrapper)Community,They attract themselves,So these groups do not welcome the blog articles of other websites.。I also noticed,Unless the story involves thousands of US dollars,Otherwise, the reader will reduce the interest of the business course.——Whether it's a big money, it seems to be all。

Blog revenue also declined,This is not big deal.,Because I didn't plan to make money from this blog.。My blog has dropped a lot.,Because someone who wrote the code for my blogly writes the center of gravity to his full-time work。Due to myWebProgramming skills have been improved in the past few years,So I took over the development work I have,No hire other people。

What Got Done

website developer columbia sc

What Got DownIs a task diary applicationapp。

(website developer columbia sc)What Got DownIs a tool for recording and sharing a weekly job。This is what I amGoogleA skill that learned during work,And in the past10I have been using it to record weekly progress in months.。

website developer columbia sc

I never put itWhat Got DoneWhat a wonderful business idea,But whenIs It KetoThere is no income for a few months.,I am very frustrated。What Got DoneIt seems to be a fun project that makes me happy.,And a self-studyVue.js(A popularWebframe)Opportunity。

(website developer columbia sc)Last successful!I loveVue。I finally found a tool that enables me to quickly build a website and will not struggle with all kinds of vulnerabilities.。

I am doingWhat Got Donewhen,I don't think it's better to explore whether this website can make money.。After interviewing several companies,Managers seem to feel that they can pass a dedicatedSlack channelTo achieve the same result,So I just didn't continue again.。


website developer columbia sc

The meeting is a pneumatic expenditure,Because travel and accommodation expensive,And the conference received by my speech is also a small range of activities.,Their travel subsidy budget is very small。

fromTravisSwitch toCircleTo make continuous integration make my monthly spending68Dollar,The result of the later results is very good because I like it very much.Circle。They improve the product faster,andDockerIntegrated better。Unfortunately,CoverallsI didn't have to ask my opinion.。From that's code coverage index, there is nothing to use.,I canceled the renewal of next year.。

(website developer columbia sc)I also use itBenchManaged bookkeeping conversion to useXeroSelf-service book。I like it very muchBench,Don't loveXero,But more flowers every year1500The US dollar remember that I have a simple and repetitive person. I can't say it.。

website developer columbia sc

I have learned

Even if no one can buy it, it is necessary to increase the price.

One of the best suggestions I received this year come fromCory Zue。He thinks meZestfulPricing each request0.003The dollar is too low。then,ZestfulPay users almost zero。If you are using no one to buy,What is the relationship between my price is low??

althoughZestfulAt that time, there was almost no practical customers.,But there are many potential customers.。Every few weeks,There is a new company to contact me.,They say theyZestfulinterested,But it lacks a small feature they need。At that time, I was very eager to win the first big customer.,So do your best to achieve the features they want。A week later,I am proud to deliver it to them.。

“Oh,Yes,”They are embarrassed,“That project later gave up。”

These companies don't have to pay any costs to ask for any feature,But I have to meet their wishes but very time consuming.。I realize this problem.,But I can't think of a way to deal with。In theory, I can directly ignore their request.,But if they are really preparing to buy me a month to buy my service??

(website developer columbia sc)When I acceptCoryAdvice and increase price,It changed the way I and customers in an unexpected way.。The price of each request is0.003Dollar,No one tries to negotiate the price with me.。When I increase the price6.5Time0.02Dollar,Everyone has started to ask more, if you can buy it, you can make a discount.。Then,When they claimZestfulWhen they wanted to buy,I gave them the following sentence.:

great!You can prepay for three months of service charges,Your bill will only start charging after the function is available.。

(website developer columbia sc)Since,I have no more focused on the customer's functional requirements.。

My price is high enough,So most customers must spend hundreds of dollars every month to useZestful,This makes people no longer tell me when I pay for a five-knife in January. They want to achieve this.。Interestingly,In the end, there is no functional demand for customers who really buy corporate plans.,The deal was completed in a few days.。

The idea of pursuing the right means to refuse

First year for the founder,I am like a puppy,Just a ball, I will go chasing it.。If my project is not successful,Then I will carry out the next idea in my brain queue.。At the beginning of the project,Construct“fast”Prototype is cheap and easy,But always spend a week to write code,And attract customers in a few months。

my friendDavid TothTeach the value of I think。He pointed out,No matter what I pursue,At least will decide my heart of life for a few months.,So it is worth careful。DavidI will not think about the first good idea.,But will continue to come up with new ideas,It is at least in his list.10Alternate。Then,He will carefully evaluate this list,Select the highest probability of success。

read“Start Small, Stay Small”and“The Mom Test”Two books also affected the way I launched new business。These two books encourage founders to start from market research,Then develop products。The result is,I have a conservative attitude toward anything.,And in my survey, I will allow you to slip enough when the success of the idea is not big.。

(website developer columbia sc)Lower big bet

When I set last year's goals to monthly income500Dollar,People encourage me to pay more attention to the target。They believe that the new entrepreneurial project failure is very high,So you may wish to look at it.。

look back at past,I still think that monthly$ 500The goal is reasonable。KetoA good“Beginner project ”,Because the mechanism of making money is simple。Advertising and purchase links can be got from each visitor0.01Dollar income。The more visits, the more money,So I must try different growth strategies,Don't worry, such as pricing,Questions such as sales channels or customer support。It's so happy.,My income is only slightly1Dollar/moon,Then grow monthly50-150%,The end of the year reached400Dollar/moon。

The other side is to see the limit of low profit industries.。If the income brought by each customer is only a few wins,Then you can't expand your business with income.。If an access can only be generated0.01Dollar income,So for each click Advertising$ 0.50- $ 1.50If you don't talk。I also want to hire an employee to help expand the website.,But even if it is cheap to month200Dollar freelancer,It is also necessary to increase my visual volume to make my website earned his work.。

It is already the third year of my founder.,I am ready to make bigger bets。BundleIs It KetoI gave me confidence.,Let yourself work more。I mean, I have to do some projects.,The success of these projects will make me hire some part-time contractors.。

website developer columbia sc

I still love this cause

When people know that I have been in a financial loss in the past two years,They are worried that I will regret it left.GoogleAnyi work。The founder is very common after a year or two years later.,But fortunately, I have never encountered this situation.。I am attributable to the initial time of this adventure process, my health is skeptical.——I predict that it will fail to find success for a while.。When you know your money, you will not run out.,It is not easy to have financial stress.。

every day,I will get a leisure breakfast with my girlfriend.。We live in the end of a dead alley street,So when she went to work,I am very quiet in my house.。working60arrive90After a minute,I will plan the remaining time this day.。I don't work after dinner and I have worked on the weekend.。If I am afternoon3Point is sleepy,Will be small to sleep,And don't worry about how to think。

(website developer columbia sc)Before resignation,soloThe way to work is the most attractive place to be its pure independence.。Factual provesoloIt's really satisfactory like I imagined.。I like to have autonomous rights for myself all day.,Also like that kind of freedom that can completely change my business or start restarting。

I will do it forever.。

website developer columbia sc

Take yourself

In the update last year,I set myself four goals that were completed this year.:

(website developer columbia sc)Implement monthly in my business500Dollar income

score:B +

I have seen my income for the average monthly.604Dollar,From this perspective, I did reach this goal.,And the income of the fourth quarter is an average monthly1,657Dollar。Although it feels12A ultra-high sales in the Moon Hanli group also contains a bit like self-deception.。No words,I'm here12The total income of the month is only441Dollar,near2020The average level of the early trend。Although it is not yet500Dollar,But there is not much difference,Not satisfactory。

Speech at three software meetings


A total of three meetings accepted my speech application,And I am very satisfied with my three speeches.。

website developer columbia sc

I like to participate in meetings and get useful information.,but,Honest,These meetings cannot fundamentally improve my occupation or personal life.。travel,Preparing to speech and participate in the event itself,I spent the full-time working time of six to eight weeks.。

2020I will continue to apply and participate in the meeting.,But compared with last year,I will be more selective。

release12Blog articles

(website developer columbia sc)score:B

Different calculation methods,I'm here2019Years I will publish it.9Blog articles either13Articles。I have my blog.9Separate update,But one is about the series of recruitment content writers,Five parts。Overall,I am satisfied with this year's writing results.,Although I do hoping that I can have more attractive posts。

Improve useJavaScriptFrame comfort


I'm notVueexpert,But I think I am“Be able to talk”。I can build the site quickly,Not falling into the frame itself。

these yearsAngularForced I want to grab the floor,Can find a suitable forsoloI am very happy to the framework of the developer.。

website developer columbia sc

Next plan

I want to put2020The main energy of the year is putWanderJestOn the project,This is a website that I have created a few weeks ago.。

website developer columbia sc

WanderJestIs a favorite comedyliveResource performance。

Local comedy program is hard to find,Because the repertoction is dispersedFacebookgroup,Comedy club website andTicketMasterandEventbriteTicket sales。I hopeWanderJestCan uncheck these different sources,Let the audience easier to find performances。Idea is basically followed byBandsintownSame,But it is a comedy rather than a band。

I am trying to trial from the west of My Massachusetts.,But soon I will extend their business to other regions.。

website developer columbia sc

Third year's goals

The following is me assoloDeveloper's third year wants to achieve the goal:

  • (website developer columbia sc)Get your entire business2Wan Dollar income:I'm here2019Year's income increased twice,so210,000 dollars mean more than double。

  • release10Blog articles:That is to say, I need to write an article every month.,This also reserves more time for a longer post.,Can also take time preparation meeting display。

  • Learn a new technology:Learning a new language or framework often improve my overall thinking about software,And I have been looking for a studyRustBy the head。


About the Author:Michael Lynch,2007New Year's University graduated from Columbia UniversityCSprofession,Once in Microsoft and Google Software Engineers,Independent developers and bloggers。

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