hipaa compliant website development


hipaa compliant website development

Lei Feng.com:now,The function or product platform on low code on the market is very complicated.,Despite the long-term look at the companyITEfficiency improvement has a certain advantage,But different product functions are very different。Just as any manufacturer is touting, it is a different place.,When we choose, we need to spend a certain time to study.。

(hipaa compliant website development)Micro service、Openly、Innovative customer experience、Enterprise workflow and deployment proprietary database, etc.,Usually a certain result of the increase in enterprises。But in some cases,Business andITThe team will also consider accelerating development with no code and low code platforms.,Provide technology best practices,Simplify development processes and continue to provide new features。

(hipaa compliant website development)The lower code platform has the following several categories:First, use to develop rapidlyWebAnd mobile user interface and workload tools;Second, data visualization、Tools for data integration and data preparation;The third is to support some emerging applications such as machine learning.、Internet of Things andITautomation。

(hipaa compliant website development)Text will focus on implementing application development、Support and enhanced low-code development platform。

(hipaa compliant website development)1、Identify and evaluate multiple use cases

Low code helps enterprise organization accelerate application development,And make the satisfaction of personalized demand easier,But this requires the end user experience you want.、data preparation、Evaluate factors such as workload function。

When studying and testing low code platform,Must consider the needs and use cases of multiple application development teams,This point is very important。Because it is possible to find the operation that the platform cannot be executed or unable to perform,This requires prior understanding of its advantages and disadvantages and various capabilities.。

(hipaa compliant website development)The low code platform should help your organization accelerate application development,And make it easier to support enhancements。But this requires the end user experience you want.,Data requirements,Workflow features and other factors for application types。

When studying and testing low code platform,Need to consider the needs and use cases of multiple application developers,this point is very important。the most important is,Operations that the platform cannot be executed or unable to perform,And understand the scope,pros and cons。Select low code method because it applies to a use case,But not guarantees that it is the best standard to meet the continued demand。

2、Clear person in charge of application development

There are some platforms that require low code.,This means that developing applications may require some programming skills.。And some platforms may not require low code or any visualization tool.,Used to build user interface、Workload or system integration。

This situation is only one aspect,more importantly,Need to determine who is designed、Development and maintenance applications。Some low code platforms are tools for professional developers.,It needs to have software development skills。There are some low code platforms for citizen developers.,The purpose is to let business analysts or unfair applications developed by experts.。Some platforms will support these two options,Each role has different tools and functions。

therefore,No matter which type of developer chooses to use low code,They should ensure that they use these tools to support priority services.,In the early stage of this process, you can quickly and efficiently reduce the learning costs of low code development.。

3、Research customer experience

In the actual situation,It is difficult for users to find some negative and negative sounds.,But find hundreds of positive comments are easy。Because in market publicity,Some platforms emphasize the number of customers and developers of their services.;Some platforms share the scoring report of customer satisfaction;There are also some bigger and more mature platforms that may also appear in the evaluation of third-party analysis reports.,Such asGartnerMagic quadrant map、ForresterofWavesetc。

From the author's perspective,He is more recommended to pay attention to customer satisfaction.。he thinks,A low code platform with excellent user satisfaction,Means that manufacturers need to provide excellent end user experience,Let skilled personnel stand out in certain aspects,And to enterprise decision makers prove its short-term value。Some low code platforms may not win these characters,This means that companies are also difficult to use their technology to copy the same business success.。

4、Define use requirements and estimate prices

Low code platform has very different business and pricing modes。Some according to the final user usage,Therefore, the more costs used.。There is also a scale of development scale(Such as applications or development seats)Platform pricing;There are also some combination products,Can purchase separately。

so,Although many tools provide the minimum threshold for testing and conceptual verification,But understand the development and production requirements of the final state are also important。

also,Don't fall into traps that evaluate low code platform only with prices。Because these platform cores still need to provide a pleasant experience、Develop productivity tools and powerful operational capabilities。If you must calculate the total cost of ownership,So, please consider the financial factors.。

5、Survey and identify the priority of integrated demand

(hipaa compliant website development)No one is willing to develop low-code development in the island。Developed applications need to be with corporate core systems、Data Center Database、cloud platform、Third-party data source integration。For example, IoT datapipelineOr the development of machine learning model,It is very likely to integrate with low code。

Almost all platforms are availableAPIintegrated。But how to improve performance、How to support the development is very different。First of all, the core needs to be considered.,Need to develop a low code app that integrates complex and sustainable maintenance。

Then,To see the development of this application to support which type of action and trigger,Ability to learn if the low code platform is integrated with other platforms。

6、Review hosting、Development and governance options

(hipaa compliant website development)The low code is onceSaaSAnd Yun Hocker,And a small number of synonym with hybrid cloud and data center selection。now,The situation is no longer as good as。Low code platform now has strong competitiveness in terms of managed flexibility。

DevOpsAnother factor that needs to be considered。At onceDevOpsFunctional,There is no functionality of all low code platforms to be equal.。Especially in the following areas:

(hipaa compliant website development)Edition control or with version control system integration;

(hipaa compliant website development)Support cross-development、Development life cycle of testing and other environments;

(hipaa compliant website development)Realize agile development processes by connecting to tools for managing backlogs and roadmaps;

Continuous integration/Continuous deployment、Continuous test orITService management change management process integration;

Enable data snapshot,Extraction、Conversion、Loading processes to support disaster recovery and data science。

(hipaa compliant website development)Don't expect low code platformsJava、.NETorJavaScriptexistDevOpsSaid in use。Entering the low code platform does need to trade,Because its purpose is to simplify all the frames needed to support application development and operations。The problem is whether they meet business and technical needs,Instead of whether they meet tools and processes designed for coding and software development。

(hipaa compliant website development)finally,If you plan to authorize the business unit to build and support your application,View the platform's citizen development governance option。

7、Understand the regularity and safety requirements

The order of the assessment platform is very important。Do not misunderstand compliance and security are the last or least important issues。Actually,The core of the assessment platform is to determine what is necessary,What should be,And when to assess different standards。

If developing needsHIPAACompliance、Data hits function、Audit function、Data sovereign compliance、Directory integration、Managed constraints or other non-negotiable issues,These requirements should be assessed in advance。

When you implement an application,Need to understand how the low code platform handles role-based management、Data shielding and other security precautions。

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