websites to develop


Many people think that the website is developing a very difficult thing.,In fact, it is not imagined.,As long as you understand the development process of the website,I will feel that the website is very simple.,If there is no clear development process guide development,I will feel that it is difficult to practice throughout the development process.。The complete development process is as follows。

(websites to develop)
demand analysis:When getting a project,Demand analysis must be performed,Clearly know the type of website、Specific function、Business logic and website style,Also determine the domain name、Website space or server and website filing, etc.。
Planning static content:Re-determination analysis,And based on user needs plan list of content sector sketches。(3)design phase:According to the site sketch, the artificial production is made。Just like building a house,First draw an effect picture and then start building a house,The website is also the same。
Procedure development phase:Divided by sketch, page structure and design,The front end and the background can be performed simultaneously。The front end is responsible for the production of static pages according to the beauty effect.;Background according to page structure and design,Design Database Data Structure and Development Website Backstage。
Test and online:Setting up server locally,Test if the website existsBug。No problem,You can pack the website,useFTPUpload to website space or server。
Maintenance promotion:After the website is online,Improve the shortcomings of the website according to the actual situation,Regular repair and upgrade,Sustaining website operation,Then promote publicity to the website。

(websites to develop)I hope I can help you.。