hire professional website developer


(hire professional website developer)  Want to know how much is it necessary to make a website??Many customers add my friend's first sentence to be a website needs how much money?。Honest,I usually make it difficult to tell it specific fees.。Because the cost of website construction depends on your budget and goals。in the text,I will show you the cost of building a website from the head and you can use those tools to save your development cost.。

hire professional website developer

  What tools need to create a website?

(hire professional website developer)  When creating a website,No need to hire professional website designers and developers。There are many tools on the Internet for you to choose,You can easily build these tools DIY(Do it yourself)website。

  No matter which type of website you want to build,You need to be the following3Pieces spend money:

  1.domain name

  The domain name is the website URL in the user entered in the browser.,E.g www.baidu.com orwww.tsingtaoseo.com。It is also when people look for your website in search results. URL。Once you have selected a domain name,To register it。Register your domain name,You can get a year of use permissions。please remember,Since your domain registration is valid for one year,So you must renew one once a year。If you do not renew the domain name,It will expire and release domain names for others to use。

  2.Website program

(hire professional website developer)  Whether you are a beginner or an extensive experience,Use the website builder to make you easily create a website。Many custom options have been provided using the website builder,Let you make a website according to your wishes。It also helps to add important functions,Such as plug-ins and SEO Label。

  We recommend you use WordPress,Because it is very easy to use,Exceed 30% Website owner selection WordPress,It allows you to fully control your website。

  3.Virtual host

  The virtual host is stores all images、video、Place of files and other websites。Let's imagine,This is your website.。Suppose users want to view your website and enter domain names in your browser。Then direct the user to the network hosting server that stores your content content.。also,Connection through the network,Your website is available 24/7,Anyone can access it from anywhere。

  To start creating a website for your company,You need a domain name and virtual host。The cost of each year is usually every year 70Yuan,Network hosting is about months70Yuan。Place them together,You will see the annual cost of the establishment website is910 Yuan。

hire professional website developer

  How much is a small business website?

(hire professional website developer)  Building a simple website for small businesses may need to spend 3000RMB。but,According to your goals,This cost may increase。Customized website with many functions may be up to up to 30,000 Yuan or more。