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I am March,One content entrepreneurship。Due to the length of the space,So I plan to be released.,The whole article encompasses my thinking concept、Stations experience,In the middle, we will wear a lot of dry goods doing a photo station.,It's all in your own exploration.,I am going to publish it.。

The main content I wrote is to make money thinking with my personal experience.、Website construction、Operate、Present,I hope to give a little idea to give a new business.。After reading this article, you will have a system for your personal website.,Will not wait for the website before, but I don't know where to start.,After reading it, I can talk to my personal website.,I will answer your questions for you.。

Thinking articles

Before telling my stations experience,I want to talk about what I think is the most important.,Is my life concept and what to make money。

Everyone wants to make money,So they work hard to improve personal skills to find a high-paying job.,Welfare more treatment,It's better to enter some famous enterprises.,Not only revenue,Say it and face。Or test civil servant,iron rice bowl,I have taken the civil servant.。Maybe they are really satisfied with a famous enterprise or a civil servant.,I feel like this is quite good.,Don't worry,I won't envy the big men in those years.。

(website developer hourly rate)So I can't say this for this idea.,The core of the problem is that they are already satisfied.,Everyone thinks differently,Some people want to test a civil servant to steadily.,Even if you tell him that the way to make big money, he will not be interested.。so,We must first become a little before making money.,What kind of life we have?,What should we achieve our goal?

If you feel that people don't make money,Then there is no need to waste time to see my article.,If you want to make money, please feel patient.,If you are reading“Thinking articles”After that, you have a new understanding of making money.,So congratulations,You have moved towards the road to success.!

(website developer hourly rate)My thinking is converted by two books.,One is《Daddy Dad》,One is《Think about getting rich》。No matter what item I do,The ultimate goal is“Passively making money”,That is to increase passive income(Passive income is what we can do without making money.,This is the opposite to make money.,Our pay is called active income,You don't have any income without going to work.,And the boss's income is passive income,Even if the boss is not doing today,His employee also helped him to make money)。

(website developer hourly rate)The meaning of establishing passive income in the early stage is,We can make a new project from the continuous time.,Our income will continue to improve。In the later stage, if our passive income accumulates to a certain height,Like a month510,000 income,We may have to achieve financial freedom.,Never use money to rush,What should we do when we want to do what?,Every day is at home.,Tourism is good,Change your favorite work.。

Take me to give examples,I at least to enter a million years.,Then buy a house yourself before marriage,A lot of free time every day,Can do anything you want to do。This goal is absolutely impossible if it works for people.,So what should I do?,all know,That is to start a business yourself.。

When I have an old idea that I have to enter a million,I will make a more detailed plan to reach a million goals.,In the year, it is a month.8.3Wan's income,One day revenue2766Yuan。My website is based on membership profits,A member80Piece(This price is20year12Month),Then I sold out a day.35Members can achieve their goals.。

According to the existing data of the website,My website has average payment rate.0.5%(It is already very high),dayipfor2000,Average daily10single,have800Pure profit on the block。Still notice from my goal25Member every day,So I do now is to continuously promote my website.,Site dayIPTwice,In theory, I can get a million months.。

Although theoretical theory,There is a gap with reality,But we at least clear what we have to do every day.,In turn reach our goal is not??A detailed plan will make our goals become clear,Also motivate us to make actions

(website developer hourly rate)Let's talk about why I have to do this website.,First, because I have no money,Entity business can't afford,Can't afford,There is no matter。Second, because of the website is also a million,It is very strong to make a profitability,The upper limit of the income depends entirely on personal abilities。The third is that the income of this website is fully automated.,No need, I am staring every day.,Tourists have seen your website feel that the content is finished.,You only need to wait for the customer to play the money to your account.。What time does it take?,sleep?It's still not sleeping now.,Smart people know that the remaining time will replicate a website to the income is not doubled??

Some people will absolutely think:You think that you can copy a profitable ability to come out?I certainly know that it is not easy.,But this is to quickly expand our ideas.,Batch can copy automated business to make our income amplification。《Daddy Dad》inner“Father”It is very reasonable to say a word.(Of course, the other words he say is also very reasonable.),I have been very useful:Don't always say that I can't say it.,This is too difficult,But think about how we want to do it to solve it。The process of solving the difficulties is the process of our accumulation of experience,Before we succeed, you must experience a setback.,This is the way we must,Who is so。I didn't give you the meaning of echo soup.,I am just statement of an objective fact.。

You don't have to learn me to do a website.,There are too many ways to make money.,When we really want to make money,We can find themselvesNMethod of making money,Not looking for some“big cow”Ask:What do I want to make money??This is a very stupid problem,Because the answer is obvious,You can make money everything.,The key is what you do。

Many people tell me:“Now the public is over time.,Also do a website?If10Before doing the website is okay,I have been eliminated now.”。Can be realistic?Some people still rely on the website and the public number to enter millions.。Don't listen to the proposal of people around,They will always tell you that this is not.,This time,That is too difficult to do,If you put itNIf you still have a class earlier,In fact, it is a bunch of fits.,Unable people like to blow up。

(website developer hourly rate)Want to do something,Let's do it,Don't think about it yet is not ready,Starting is the best preparation。When we go deep into a project,We will learn a lot,For example, make a website,You will learn the website to build、Operation and maintenance、Operate、Promote、变现等一系列知识,A series of knowledge, etc.,这套体系你也可以应用到运营公众号上面,Gradually form a set of systems who do their own projects,因为很多项目运营思路都是相通的。This set of systems can also be applied to the operator。。。

我是玛门,Or other projects,专注写真站推广运营,Because many project operation ideas are connected。