websites to help parents understand child development


“Family is the first school of life,Parents are the first teacher of children,Tell your child a good‘First class’,Help to buckle the first button of life。”With the progress and development of times,my country's family education is getting more and more attention。2021year10moon23day,The thirty-first meeting of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee vote passed the Family Education Promotion Law,This is the first time for family education for the first time.。“Tale,Father's”,This traditional moral idea has risen from family to legal level.。

In recent years,With the speed of social transformation in my country,Many families' education exposes a series of issues,Some parents are not taught;Some parents don't know how to teach children;Some parents are over“Chicken baby”,Misconduct;Some parents believe“Children do not fight”“Bar”,Will be beaten as a family education……

(websites to help parents understand child development)websites to help parents understand child development

(websites to help parents understand child development)I believe that every parent's original intention is good.,But in the actual education process,Their educational behavior has brought some adverse effects to the child's psychology.。They are entangled in their hearts and don't know how to education is effective.,On the other hand“I am born.,So, no matter how you do you, you have to listen”Right control control。

In fact, educating children grow up,It is a practice of parents.。Direct educator as a child,Parents are the occupation that should be held。So who came to teach parents to go“qualified”Woolen cloth?


Red-yellow blue face to carry out family education guidance services to national families

Red-yellow blue0-6Early educational institution,20Over the years, I have been standing closest to the parent-child family.。So we have a deeper experience to raise your child is not so simple.,Child grows while growing,Parents also need synchronous growth,Can keep up with the child's footsteps。

Social development demand based on family education,Red yellow blue2016Family education instructor team,Through the country1000Multi-home,Radiation of parent-child families across all over the country,Passing their science parenting knowledge,Family education guidance and help。

websites to help parents understand child development

Combined with early education experience and the results of family education,Red Huang Lan Dishi R & D Science、Professional family education course,Such as Kaine Parents University Hall、Hui Xin Parents Classroom、grandparents8Building and other series of family growth courses;Also join hands in China100Many experienced experts,LineAPPProvide family early education for parents in the country、Educational psychology、Professional knowledge required for children's health medicine and other。

Seek development

Red-yellow blue line+Offline Family Education Learning Platform

In order to facilitate scientific family education to every family,Red-yellow blue breakthrough traditional model,With the help of the Internet+New technology new means,Build a line+Offline three-dimensional family education learning platform,Let parents can use in fragmentation time at any time、anywhere、In demand,Building a comprehensive for parents in the country、science、practical、Convenient family education learning exchange platform。

(websites to help parents understand child development)

Underline,Family、Tutor、Parents in the country,Launched an Aièger Family Growth Series Courses。Course content involvesSolve the problem of educational education《Grandpa grandmother》、Parents' self-cultivation《Kaine Parents University Hall》、Specially solved the problem of family education《Hui Xin Parents Classroom》,Also included for the preparation for Huai Erbao《Pregnant mommy heart school》、Enhance the quality of marriage《Intimate lover》Wait8Big series

Not only helping parents science to interpret children's growth psychology、Ability to develop sensitive,Reason、Original family、Family education content such as personality training、Method and communication skills,Also help at the parents of the workplace or the parents under the weight of life,Pioneer outstanding parents。

(websites to help parents understand child development)

websites to help parents understand child development

online,Red-yellow blue through convenient Internet information technologyBuilding a family educationAPP,Join hands with domestic100Multi-field experienced education、psychology、Scholars such as health care,Professional courses for all areas needed to build family education。

(websites to help parents understand child development)

Taking the hotspots of family education in society as the core,Open health、Good home、Good quality、Good business、Good learning、Good companionship6Big content section,Strategy from educational children、study method、Child-friendly、Learning against psychological analysis,Couple relationship between the individual family、Many aspects such as contradictions in mother-in-law,Focus“keep”+“Breeding”Child is the main line,Deep analysis of education、Treatment and operation,Cutting modern home nursery points,Parents are popular with parents and praise。


Red-yellow Lan Family Education Advocate parents to learn weekly2Hour

2021year,In order to implement the national education policy,Promote further implementation and development of family science education in all parts of the country,Red-yellow blue“National Expert Travel Plan”,Radiation points in the gardens across the country,Fully build a family education expert lecture。

Ai Nea launched“Aièger family grows”Activity,Advocate“weekly2Hour,The whole family is easy to learn wisdom”,Committed to passing professional parent-child families、science、system、High Quality Family Education Course。

websites to help parents understand child development(websites to help parents understand child development)

The event is initiated by Beijing Headquarters,In Henan、Fujian、Anhui、Hainan、Shandong、First-line gardens in Jiangsu, etc.,I hope to pass this national event,Send family education into the community、Send to thousands of households,Strive to help parents in the country、Scientific baby。

(websites to help parents understand child development)

Doing education red and yellow is both professional,More serious。In the details of the early education class,We meticulously observe,Learn more about children's growth psychology and demand;In communication with parents,We feel,More understanding of parents' educational pain points and difficulties in good parent-child relationship;During the course of education,We have accumulated rich early education experience and family education experience。

future,I believe that more parents will get more growth in the red-yellow parent classroom.,We also strive to make family education more scientific、More effective。


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