wedding website developers


wedding website developers

Wedding Ji Yu Zhe speaks on the conference。Wang Gang photo

Wedding Ji Yu Zhe speaks on the conference。Wang Gang photo

Zhongxin Net7moon22Sun “Under the digitization of all things,Wedding Ji Hope is in the industry、Consumers and even the whole society,Digital and technical capabilities,Build a better marriage service world。”

22Day2020Golden Motto Global Marriage Industry Trend Summit,The founder of the wedding branch, Yu Zhe is depicting his future concept.。

In Yu Zhe's business philosophy,“Meet everything you want to get married”Is the mission and responsibility of its company。Regardless of the user、Merchant,Also or the entire industry,Energy through digitization technology and means,You can get a new experience and upgrade。For example, in his embarrassment and blueprint,The wedding discipline will be standardized in the next three years、Systematic digital empowerment strategy,help10Wan marriage brand business realizes digital transformation,Really completed a comprehensive upgrade of realization。

Borrowing Digital Dongfeng,In series“New World”——If Yu Zhe and Wedding“dream”Carry in reality,Or will give a fresh newborn for a industry。

Initial heart:Let newcomers get a better marriage experience

wedding website developers

Wedding Ji Yu Zhe speaking at the conference。 Wang Gang photo

“The original intention of establishing a wedding,How to help newcomers work a wedding。”

2013year,Wedding is established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang。Yu Zhe mentioned,Every year China1000Most new people get married,Averaged average1.5Trillion market,And the head is still there in the industry.,There is no too many administrative barriers。

It is the same year,Wedding alien starts trying to build a business-oriented display platform for users。

Yu Zhe mentioned,Female consumers will pay more attention to the pursuit of beauty.,There will be a strong embarrassment for a wedding.。Wedding dress,Including the arrangement of wedding venues,Will be an imagined picture,Imagine the picture often is more difficult during the actual communication process。“If you can collect information in the previous period,Newcomers communicate with merchants or more convenient。”

Innovation of this wedding、Look at Raiders、Pick a series of pick-up to buy a series of pick-up,Formation“One-stop service”。

“then,Our idea is to let the merchant show video on the platform、Photo and other forms,Comparable cases of success,Enables consumers to get comprehensive information in the selection process。”Yu Zhe said,“Just as mentioned in our ads,Marriage is going on the wedding,Come to the wedding, can help the newcomers need to help。”

(wedding website developers)Perfecting the platform,Yu Zhe's user experience of the product is particularly concerned。

“User experience is a lifeline for us.。Currently wedding40%User is acquired by natural traffic,Mainly because word of mouth is established。”Yu Zhe,A man has given a demand when married,Ask if you can make a function similar to helping users make open video。Discuss,Enterprises think this is valuable,After only one month, the relevant products were born.。

“There is2013arrive2015These three years,Wedding journey to grind user products,Let marriage newcomers can really get better experience experiences,Meet consumer needs,Create value for users,So won the word of mouth of the user,This is the basis for the survival and development of the wedding.。”Yu Zhe said。

Help business:Digital transformation welcomes new machine

wedding website developers

Wedding Ji Yu Zhe conducts a speech at the scene。Wang Gang photo

Yu Zhe summary,from2016arrive2017year,The wedding journey has made full efforts in the business service system.。“Because we want to make the national marriage destination business,Can enjoy the value of precision users on the wedding platform,This makes the wedding journey not only serve new people.,Can also achieve business。”

Make a business,How to complete with the platform?

(wedding website developers)“Entrepreneurship,The penetration rate in the wedding industry is very low.,We ran and introduce the Internet,Merchants will think that there is no need。But with the development,The wedding will gradually make the merchants understand the value of the Internet.。”Yu Zhe said。

In his opinion,This is also a kind of“Practice real knowledge”Vivid manifestation。“Introduction is more,There will always be a merchant to try,After trying,The merchant will find that there is really a customer to learn from the network channel.。After a certain stage,Merchants will also walk、Do some exchange room。Slowly more and more business people are willing to take the initiative to register our platform,The word of wedding is gradually established in the industry.。”

“at the same time,Epidemic,Merchants will more appreciate the value of the Internet。”Yu Zhe said,After the epidemic, the willingness of the merchant line is more strong than in previous years.。Due to the interruption of the offline channel,Business If you want to survive,It must be relying on the Internet to do better marketing promotion。

During this epidemic, the wedding is free to the merchant to provide online video talk.,Merchants can show their newcomers online。

“From the perspective of a industry promoter,We should help the merchants do better。”Yu Zhe said,“Starting from the first day of the wedding,Just adhere to help marriage industry practitioners focus on quality,Let consumers evaluate the quality of the quality of the work。In the wedding platform,It has also begun to build a consumer system,Labeling business skills,This will be more clear for consumers.。”

Inspiration industry:Insight demand achieves wisdom upgrade

As of2020year5moon,Wedding platform registered users accumulated7000Ten thousand,Enclaimed brand and merchants20Ten thousand,Covering the country 400Multiple cities and regions。

(wedding website developers)“2018Year begins so far,We pay more attention to and thinking that the wedding can bring more promotion to the development of the marriage industry.。Found this goal,We must not only do various tries and breakthroughs,Also put the action to land。”Yu Zhe said。

And the Golden Award,One of the actions。Summit,Another important part of the Golden Award。

Wedding2018Year beginsWMTC“Golden Award”Global Marriage Industry Trend Summit,International big coffee in the world's marriage field invites、Industry leader、Industry experts discuss the wisdom upgrade of the marriage industry,Insight into the digital development trend of marriage industry,Share the innovation products and results of marriage industry。

Yu Zhe said,Choose the reason to hold the Golden Award,Just want to provide a platform,Let more industry participants can have an opportunity to exchange。

“Before the decision,We also have to investigate the merchants,The more special period is found,Businesses will need more support and recognition from their peers。”Yu Zhe said,“Since the wedding is already a leading company in the industry,It's your responsibility to set the stage。The Golden Rhino Award is not just the Golden Rhino Award for the wedding era,It should be the Golden Rhino Award for the entire marriage industry。”

through this year's Golden Rhino Awards,Yu Zhe hopes to inspire the industry to think more about the future of the marriage industry in the digital age。Such as wedding ceremony through the application of artificial intelligence,Relying on cloud computing parallel computing capabilities,Let some related business realize“unmanned”smart production,Help businesses reduce labor costs、Improve work efficiency、Improve product service quality。

Not only that,In the future, the wedding discipline will also promote the standardization and upgrading of the marriage industry,Digitization in Industry、product standardization、business branding、Service standardization, etc.,Help the entire marriage industry to regulate the market,Help businesses improve their competitiveness,Create a well-ordered and efficient industry market environment,Let users get better service。

“no matter how the times change,Good service business、consumer、society,It is the source of the unremitting pursuit of creation in the wedding discipline。”Yu Zhe said,“Really create service value,The wedding anniversary will go better,farther。”(Zhang Yuhuan Hu Dingyu)

(wedding website developers)source:China News Network