how much to charge for website development


how much to charge for website development(how much to charge for website development)

Many people want to be a website to promote their company's main business.,Always worried or doing website construction costs,Companies who choose to do a website are always hesitant,How much does it cost to be a website?,Mainly different from the requirements of web design and production,The difficulty of the fabrication is different.,The price of the website is naturally different。

How much is the design of the website is designed according to different interface、Web production、Graphic Design、Code production、Program development,These include code standardization、User experience design and search engine optimization,Each company is not the same as the website.,Only choose the right website construction company according to your own situation。

1、Domain name registration price100Within the yuan

The registered domain name is the first step in doing website construction。

And the domain name is the house address on the Internet,We need to choose a good address,Convenient online users pay attention to us、Remember our website,The more you register the website domain name, the better,Simple domain name easier to make user memory,Simple short domain name price is more expensive。

2、Space rental price200Element

(how much to charge for website development)Virtual host is virtual space,Mainly used in the storage of content on the website(picture、Audio、video、Website file)。

Professional large-scale website generally uses cloud servers,Generally,The price of the cloud server is from several hundred to several thousand,Select the appropriate cloud server based on the expected traffic of the website,If it is just a general company website to buy2GSpace virtual space。

4、Website construction fee3000Ruster

If you know what the website program is,It's easy to find the template of the website.,Use the development of the background program comes with template,It's easy to build a website.,If it is to do a website in this way,General price1000Yuan or so,If you know a little technical,Can also be a website for free。

If you don't understand technology,Can't create a website,You need to find a company specializing in the construction of the website,Website construction costs probably3000Ruster,Can be tailored to your needs according to your needs。

If you are cheap、Worry,You can also choose the template building.,The advantage of the station building is cheap,But not conducive to the promotion and operation of the website。

(how much to charge for website development)Summarize,The website only satisfies the above basic conditions,Website can run on the Internet,You care aboutHow much is it to do a website?,This price is mainly determined according to the specific requirements of the website.,General enterprise website price5000Yuan or so,Contains website domain name、Website space、Website construction fee。