what are the steps for website development


what are the steps for website development

Individual or business wants to build a website may have difficult obstacles,If you know the basics of the website to build the basics,You have to build a web page and will not be too difficult.,If you use a template building or an intelligent building station,No need to understand design or programming software,but,As long as you do a website,Need to followBasic steps to build a website,This is easy to build a website is easy.。

step one Registered website domain name

Domain name is equivalent to the websiteHouse number on the internet,So speaker can quickly find your website,At the same time, it is also a business card on the Internet.。

A representative、Simple and easy domain name,Can improve the overall brand image of the website on the Internet,Website domain name must be registered in a well-known domain name service provider,Foreign domain name registration serviceGodaddy、Gandi、Hover、Namesilo,Domestic registered domain name service provider has Alibaba Cloud(Original network)、New network、Love Name、Western Digital。

Step two Buy website space

Space is also called virtual host、Cloud Server、VPS、Stand-alone server,These justIDCA model launched by service providers,The main features of the website space are the web page of the website.、program files、database、picture、Video and other information。

How should a general website choose space?,If the website's data has certain scale and access,Let the website are safe enough,Website open and access speed is fast,Recommended rental cloud server or hosting server,This will guarantee the user's needs,If it is just the company's official website,Then you can use virtual space。

Step three Select website system

Use the online open source system that comes with a template,Template has no requirements,You can download the program directly to use,But there are more than 100 kinds of website management programs,There are also a variety of development languages.,Currently, the website uses a comparison development language orPHPMost。

The website selection program is a key part of the website construction.,Separate development design can be used in framework,This method requires some programming experience,If there is no experience in beginners,Proposal for existing website source code,There are a lot of open source code on the Internet.,for exampleWordPressBelong to the blog system、ShopexBelong to the mall system、dedecmsEnterprise website management system,What type of website wants to build,These programs can basically meet。

Summarize:The above three points of the website construction cannot be,Not ready, you can browse the website immediately.,You must also be a websiteICPMake a record、Analyze domain name、Space binding domain name、Upload website source code,Enter domain names according to the actual steps of installation,After building a website system,Need to enter the background to add a column,Corresponding column directory into related information。

Only masterWebsite construction stepsI can make my own website quickly.,Look like,Why don't you personally feel a!

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