how much does it cost to outsource website development


Today wrote an article about how much money to build a website,Recently, there are customers asking how much money to build a website?In fact, this is a very general question,It can be divided into the enterprise itself or to the establishment of a network of professional firms to make。

(how much does it cost to outsource website development)one、Enterprises to build their own Web site

If companies choose to build a website, then,Cost is needed is domain name+server+Website program,We generally selected domain name .comor .cnof,General registration price60Yuan or so。Server general price of a thousand a year,Too bad the server will affect the site's access speed and impact of the site later operations and site security issues。If an enterprise web application have this piece of art,Preceding page and background programs together will take at least2Weeks。Of course, you can use the site to build open source market,Only you need to develop the front page。Bad part is that there may be open source vulnerabilities。Of course, there are some done fairly complete back-office systems。Of course, there are graphic website images and some details of the deal,So if companies want to build their own websites, then,Removal of labor costs, then about a year2000Yuan。

two、Internet companies build sites

Outsourcing Internet companies build sites,In fact, the need is still the domain,server,Website program,It is not the same server and web application,We usually choose the server configuration is relatively high,Under the premise to ensure the site operating speed,The server multiple corporate website,We have our own dedicated web application for building corporate Web site set up back-office systems,The same is the front page still require separate development of production,There will be a special art to deal with pictures,So the same business website building,Internet companies will be lower than the cost of building a business on their own website。

The following specific description create alliance for everyone to build a website how much money?

1,Website general corporate brands need to build the company's brand is the official website,Such sites are generally not involved in the development of site features,Or involving only some simple functional requirements,For the brand's official website,We generally free enterprise designlogo,Of course, this is a simple design,In order to better show's official website,But also do brand word optimized for the enterprise's official website,Allowing users to Baidu and other search engines can see the customer's site,

2,High-end website and the features of the site we will develop such sites for each of the front page of the site to the customer design drawings,Select the needs of customers based on timely communication adjustment,After the final design customer satisfaction,We develop customized according to the customer drawings,Including the development of a front end and back-end systems codes,Excellent high-end enterprise website construction,Generally we have a professional planning and technical team,Prior establishment of communication with the customer wants,For accurate positioning according to their own needs,Make a personalized custom website。Designers will be based on brand tonality、Customer preference to make the appropriate visual design,Make your site unique page。so,You can make your site stand out,Visitors to impress。

In fact, how much money to build a website this question whether it is business or high-end brand website construction sites and functional websites and other websites mall construction,Standard fees will always be in accordance with the site's development cycle to decide,Technology aside for,Artificial always the biggest cost,So how much money to build a website this question will have an answer。Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, a think,Any project is to rely on manpower to complete,People-oriented price,Enterprise development is people-oriented。