how to calculate website development cost


How much does a business website cost?

do the internet10how many years,Get used to seeing all kinds of development companies and users,Many companies do not have satisfactory website results,I feel like I wasted money!In fact, now from the whole Internet,The price of making a website is very transparent,The question is what kind of website are we going to make??What kind of website can meet the needs of enterprises?Where does the cost of building a website come from??How should we choose a website building company??with these questions,Let's go down and find out。

one、What kind of website are we going to make??

Only know what kind of website is right for our business,We can do nothing,Make sure your website works。Here I sayFour common types of website construction:

1.Fully custom developed website:this type of website,it's expensive,This needs to be customized by a special company,Provide source code,Prices can range from 30,000 to 100,000 yuan。

2.Semi-custom development website:This kind of website usually uses the system of the website building company,Design can also be customized according to needs,relatively cheap,10000You can get it within a dollar。

(how to calculate website development cost)3.template site:Template website is the company's own template to choose from,Plus the domain name and server will be thousands of dollars,Of course the contentaccommodation framework、Serious homogenization、no source code、Not conducive to secondary developmentThese are also its shortcomings。

(how to calculate website development cost)4.Template self-service website:This website is also the cheapest website on the market today,,Both functionality and design are readily available,as long as there is a domain name,provide text,useSaaSTools to build a website,Don't even need source code,cost1000within。But if they have a problem,such as server problems,will cause a large number of users to be unable to open their website,and no source code,as if you were renting their website,Not enough autonomy;This issaasThe troubles brought by the platform in the mode。

here comes the point:What is the use of a business website for our business??

The enterprise website is in the process of online marketing promotion of the entire enterprise,is a very important part。If you think of our network marketing promotion as building a building,That website is the foundation of this building。Poor foundation,The building can't be built so high,Even if it is covered,It's going to be ashes soon!seriously,If a business website is not doing well,Don't do internet marketing,Because it's a waste of money!

why do you say that?

how to calculate website development cost

business doThere are three basic links in network marketing promotion:First build a website,Then through various promotion methods to attract traffic to the website,After the flow,Transaction through customer service or salesperson。in these three stages,The promotion link is mainly based on attracting traffic,But where the traffic comes is on the website,No matter how good and clear you are in your promotion,users85%The above will still be searched on Baidu,Everyone can think about it:If we are looking for products online,Will it work like this,If we can't find the website or the page layout is disorganized after opening the website,I can't find what I'm looking for,Even if the company is strong,You'll also think he's a purse company,would not choose to cooperate with him。same,Our clients think the same。

(how to calculate website development cost)We do online marketing,Just want to develop more customers,And most customers are impossible to visit our company on the spot。The fragrance of wine is also afraid of the deep alley,And this time,A page layout is reasonable,beautiful atmosphere;full functioning,A website with strong marketing capabilities allows us to quickly demonstrate the strength of the company to customers,Stimulate the desire of customers to cooperate,Make customers willing to contact us one step closer,Let our customer service or sales have the ability to achieve user transactions。

how to calculate website development cost

In summary,in these three stages,The website is the key link between the previous and the next,He will catch the traffic brought by the promotion link,Then in the lead to the transaction link。If there is no corporate website or there is a problem with the website,Users browse the page and immediately close the page and leave。So no matter how much you spend on promotion,accurate flow,Stronger customer service and sales capabilities,no use!You can only waste promotion expenses in vain!

For business,Must have a website that suits your business,Have a product that can not only showcase the company,Display site for information,Must have a marketing function,Can help businesses increase conversion rates,The website that brought the order。

two、So what kind of website is it to make?,Is what the company needs most??

For business,A website is not just a website that can display product and business information,Displaying corporate information is only the basis of a website。a marketing,A website that can improve the conversion rate and order volume of the enterprise is what the enterprise needs most。

So what kind of website is considered marketing??Based on my ten years of experience,summed upMarketing websiteto have5elements:Demonstration、credibility、persuasive、Guidance and promotion。have this5elements,The marketing capabilities of your website are greatly enhanced,The conversions and orders brought to the enterprise will continue to flow.,Also suitable for long-term business operation,longer,the better!

how to calculate website development cost(how to calculate website development cost)

Demonstration:The core of display power lies in“exhibit”,This is the most basic function of the website,Some people think that as long as the company information and products are displayed, it is enough,Actually this is incomplete。apart from these,The key is to show two aspects of the content:One is to sell,The second is the selling point。

credibility:Credibility is to make customers believe in our company,is to make users believe that we are good,Let users believe in our products,trust our brand,trust our business,Believe in our strength。From a sales perspective,trust,No conversions and no orders without trust。

persuasive:Demonstration is to let users know your strengths,Credibility is about convincing users of your demonstrated strengths,And users know you,I believe you,But not necessarily choose to cooperate with you,Or some users choose your peers,so,We need to further convince users on the basis of display power and credibility,Let users finally choose our products or services。usually,The key to persuasion is on the product detail page。

guiding force:If the website page is persuasive enough,then the conversion rate will be high,But it is impossible to achieve100%conversion rate,for example,Users don't consult when they see your page、do not buy,How to do?Guidance is the solution to this problem,in the page,Use guided functions,Guide those users who do not actively consult to actively consult or leave contact information,Have our staff reach out to them proactively。

Promotional power:Promotion mainly refers toSEO,If your website wants to rank organically in search engines,Then the planning and construction phase of the website,to conform toSEOOptimized standards and requirements。Our company has its own software works very early——Intelligent optimization of website management system。well optimized website,It can also save a lot of money for our promotion.。

three、Where does the cost of building a website come from??

(how to calculate website development cost)1.domain name:Domain names are still relatively cheap,As long as you don't choose a side door、unpopular domain name,popularcomThe model is only a few dozen dollars a year,cntype is the same(The domain name is the house number,In the same and mixed Internet circle,A simple and easy-to-remember domain name is obviously crucial for a business)。

Applying for a domain name is not difficult,First select the registration website of the login domain name,You must choose a reliable domain name service provider,Like Alibaba Cloud's Wanwang、is a good choice,This big brand is especially safe and reliable,and less prone to problems。Then search for the desired domain name,Be sure to choose a domain name that suits you。Then just pay,Usually paid annually。as the picture shows:Alibaba Cloud Domain Name Application Page。

how to calculate website development cost

2.server selection:Although the server is divided into physical server and cloud server,But for the price,Still cloud server cost-effective,Dedicated host,Two or three thousand a year,And cloud servers are difficult to tens of thousands,and pay monthly,You can also upgrade or downgrade at any time according to your needs,Very convenient。The average annual server fee for a corporate website1000You can do it within a dollar。Of course, it is better to choose a well-known brand for cloud servers.,Just like Alibaba Cloud、Tencent Cloud、Baidu Cloud and Huawei Cloud。The picture shows the price screenshot of Alibaba Cloud cloud server and lightweight application server,Everyone can understand。

how to calculate website development cost

how to calculate website development cost development cost(Labor cost)

Then let's analyze the calculation method of the cost of making a corporate website from the labor cost.。,Doing a corporate website basically includes page design in terms of page design.:front page、Product list page。Product details page、 News list page、The content page of the news This is five pages,The rest is like contact us、about us and so on,That's about ten pages。
it's justpcend,That is to say, we builtcomputerto haveten pages,Calculate the same,Mobile terminalDo you also need ten pages to achieve the entire page??So that's twenty pages。
Let's calculate,The monthly salary of a similar artist is about 10,000 yuan.,Work on a monthly basis22day calculation,The cost of that day was about four hundred dollars.。you make these pages,It will take him at least five days,In other words, the cost of making these pages is about 2,000 yuan.,This is the actual cost。picture done,The next step is to cut,Cut the pictures in the website design into formats(This process takes approximately1days to complete),After completing this step, it is possible to go to the third step, and the programmers will structure the functions of the entire website.(This process also takes approximately5arrive7time of day,And the salary of a programmer is only higher than that of an artist)。Of course, some companies will have product managers to design the entire page,That adds to the cost。It's not even for you to upload the content and pictures of the website.。
So if it is calculated like this,A website does it responsibly,Its actual cost should be more than 5,000 yuan。Some people might say,you are too dark,Wouldn't it be alright to imitate someone else??Then think about it,Are all the fake websites basically able to do things normally??If it is a copy part,Reduce workload by two-thirds,that also requires2000cost around yuan。But can this kind of website be used for a long time??If it affects the conversion rate in this regard,The profit you bring in one more customer is more than the cost you save,But the increase in conversion rate he can bring is not just as simple as closing one more customer!I believe that all business owners can understand this account。

(how to calculate website development cost)So the cost of making a useful website is at the moment5000Diversity,including drawing、crop,Then the program。

Another key point of making a website is the functional part,Just some basic functions of the corporate website,What if you were going to be a mall?,Is it a different page?

make a store page,If we estimate based on previous experience,Ordinary page of a business mall,pcThe end should have twenty-five pages,Plus the mobile terminal is equivalent to fifty pages。Plus product detail pages

you calculate like this,The cost of making a store can probably be estimated.,Applets,APPcan basically be estimated,Of course, when different websites are made,We have different calculations,let's say page、Development cycle、The most important point is the function。The development of many functions is very time-consuming。At that time, it will be estimated according to the size of the workload,Basically, the price can have a psychological expectation。

how to calculate website development cost

4.Website filing:Filing doesn't cost any money,It only takes time to get this。Most website builders will do it for you for free。

5.Website goes live:It's better to say this,If you do it yourself,Then only the labor cost,Even if you let the website build company do it,No extra charge。

Four:What kind of website building company should we choose??

(how to calculate website development cost)You must be careful when choosing a website building company,Choosing a good responsible website building company will make the company worry-free in the later stage。

1.Look at the formality of the company(Look at the company's organizational structure)   

The formality of a good website construction company is very strong,Therefore, people also need to pay attention to judge whether this company is legitimate when choosing,Choosing a regular company is of great benefit to every customer。It is very easy to judge whether a company is legitimate or not.,You can go and see if the qualifications and documents of this company are complete and whether theyWhether the positions of the company's organizational structure are complete。Generally speaking, a company has a complete job structure,Clear division of labor,,So this company must be legit,It is also worthy of the choice of the majority of customers,This is also a very important aspect。  

2.see experience(Look at the working years of the company's employees)  

(how to calculate website development cost)A good website construction company has a lot of successful experience,Generally speaking, good companies have helped a lot of different customers to complete a lot of website production companies。So when people choose a company,One aspect to pay attention to is to look at the actual experience and cases of this company and the working years of the employees,An employee works for this company for a long time,also reflect thislong time business,Many customers served,After all, if this website building company has no business,Can't keep talent。

3.After-sales service(Look at their customer satisfaction)   

(how to calculate website development cost)In operation,After a website is produced, it is required to require subsequent maintenance and upgrades.,Only after doing these,Can guarantee the normal operation and use of this website。A good company is very good in these follow-up services.,Ability to meet people's needs。Here you can analyze the analysis of the work of our employees and their customers' satisfaction.。Customer satisfaction is actually a dissatisfaction with this company100%,I feel that the integrity of this construction station is not a problem.,After all, no one can make people100%satisfy。andGood integrity,This company must be the top choice。

4.See the official website

A good building company,His own corporate official website is definitely no problem.,Including open speed,Page design, etc.。This is also a point we have to consider when we choose the station company.。

Focus:Choosing the station company can consider the region of the station company。

Now the Internet is developed,We can buy a lot of commodities, you can buy online on the Internet.,So everyone choosesWebsite construction companywhen,Not necessarily, local companies or companies in big cities。As long as the station company meets the above four points,You can choose some small cities,Because of the technical personnel,Many technologies have left a local factor,And now the internet development,No matter where this technology is,No problem with his technology improvement,And the salary levels in different cities are very different.,for example,Aesthetic,The city in the north is wide as the city may12000Yuan started,Small city6000Yuan can also reach the same level。Here, the cost of the entire station company has dropped a lot.,There will be a lot more corresponding quotation.。andThe price of each city is different,Office costs are also different,Therefore, the price will definitely have differences.;So companies choosing some small cities are also a very good choice.。

During the construction of the website,What should I pay attention to?:

1、Website open speed is fast。If the speed is like a snail,That is no meaningful。Virtual space(Host、server)The configuration determines the speed of the website open,Just like our computer configuration, better,The faster the speed of the Internet will!

2、Website must havePCend+Moving end。Because now mobile Internet rapid development,Use more and more users accessing the website,So we need to optimize the mobile browsing experience,At the same timePCEnd interface friendship。

(how to calculate website development cost)how to calculate website development cost(how to calculate website development cost)

3、Have goodSEOFunction。Website,No traffic,Where is the meaning of this website??If the siteVery goodSEOFunction,And do the corresponding optimization,Let the business-related keywords have been ranked in Baidu and other search engines, So your website will have a lot of accurate customers understand and consult。You can also save you a lot of expenses in the later network promotion.,The expense of the province is enough for you to build several corporate websites.。

how to calculate website development cost

4、Be sure to have a marketing function。The website is a key ring from the promotion of corporate network promotion.,He brought the traffic brought by the promotion link,Then lead to the transaction link。If there is a problem with the website,Users browse and turn off the page.。So even if your promotion costs are more,Traffic is precise,Customer service and sales ability,Be useless!Can only waste promotion costs!


Company doing a websiteBe sure to consider,overall plan,At the same time, you must consider your target customer base.,Put outWebsite can improve your conversion rate and order。And choose a good construction station company,Let the cornerstone of the company's Internet marketing promotion。I hope that each company can have a website that suits your company.,Enhance the publicity effect of enterprises in network marketing promotion,Bring the continuous profit。

Meeting,Please give you a lot of praise.!Your support,Is the driving force I created!New ideas,I will continue to update!Everyone is unclear,You can also chat private!


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