how to create your own website web development


front end

(how to create your own website web development)WebApplication is classified into distributed applications,Generally the client——Server structure,So we have some of the code running on the client,Another part of the code runs on the server。Those applications on the client are the front end,Usually, it is our browser。The most commonly used for front-end development isHTML+CSS+JavaScript,Advanced front-end developers typically use the front end of combined development applications of these technologies,The common technology of the other front end is to usePhotoshopdesign,Combined with other technologiesWebPage production。

rear end

Back-end developers write code that runs on the server,usually,This part of the work needs and database dealing,Such as read and write data、Read and write、Implement business logic, etc.。Sometimes,Business logic is stored on the client,At this time, the background is usedWebService form provides data in the database。Back-end developers generally need to master a kindWebProgramming language and a database management system。

You can master the technology at the same time and back-end,But mostWebDevelopers still have a certain preference,Even in a certain aspect study。Although the front and rear ends are distinguished,But there is no specific task for their respective tasks。Sometimes the front end is just the display of data,Other main tasks are completed in the backend。But sometimes,The backend just provides data,And all calculations and specific functions are completed at the front end。The allocation of the front and rear end,Usually determined by the design and architecture of the project。

Programming language

forWebDevelop,There are a lot of programming languages to choose。When needed to develop at the front end,Standard development language isJavaScript,And when needed,We have more choices:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails(CooperateRubylanguage)
  • ASP.NET(Cooperate.netlanguage)
  • Java EE
  • Python

This is actually there is no clear list.,The above is just the language that developers usually think and use.。How should I choose??Your choice should be based on the following aspects:Work market(Job hunting opportunity)、pull pipe service、Available learning resources、Available learning time、The surrounding development environment, etc.。

If you really want to engage in development,found oneWebDevelopment work,That most important selection factor is the work market(Job hunting opportunity),You have to analyze industry conditions,Select a programming language to learn。Another important factor is to manage service,for examplePHPHosting is more thanJavaMany cheap hosted。And if you want to develop an enterprise application,Java EEMaybe is a good choice。But if you want to put your app online,Java EEIt is much more expensive than other languages.。

along withNode.jsEpidemic,JavaScriptAlso become popular in the rear end development,But it is still a new one after all.、Not mature enough,Not recommended to beginnersWebDeveloped people learn and use。

in my opinion,PHPHave the easiest learning curve、Cheap hosting service、Plentiful learning resources(PHP100It is a good choice.)And relatively simple development environment,So I recommend primaryWebDevelopers learn to usePHP。Of course,ASP.NETIt is also a good choice,MicrosoftA lot of moneyASP.NETRelated Learning Resources and Free Development Tools,If you likeMicrosoftenvironment of,It is worth consideringASP.NET。


If you are still an initiator,Before you start learning the framework, you must first make a good foundation.。Framework can help you simplify development work,There are many ready-made code libraries,It provides youWebApplication structure,Make your programming work easier and faster。If you want to become a careerWebDeveloper,You must be proficient in at least one framework,Accelerate yourWebDevelop。

There are many kinds of frameworks,Universal solution,There are also solutions for specific issues。You need to evaluate your needs first,If you choosePHPDevelop,I recommend itLaravelFramework,It is a very popular in recent years.MVCframe。If you chooseASP.NET,I recommend learning to useASP.NET MVCandEntityFramework。

WebDevelopment may be too large,You just want to focus on one of the applications,For example, a content management system(CMS)。If you still choosePHP,So I recommendWordPress,It can help you create a website、Blog,You can also use existing plugins or themes as an extension

What to do next?

Even if you choose just a development of front-end or backend,You should also understand the development of the other end,This will make your team have higher efficiency。If you have learned a programming language and the corresponding framework,You should start learning another language,Every programming language has its own advantages and paradigms,Learn more,You can let you know more about the problem that needs to be solved.,Have better solution,Thus becoming more excellent developers。finally,As I said before,When you choose a programming language, you should consider a lot of factors.,My choice is stillJavaScript、PHP、ASP.NETandJava EE,Everyone can refer to the reference。