what do you need to develop a website


what do you need to develop a website

What to prepare for the website??First of all, we must know the website construction process.,Then you can prepare the information required for the process.。Here is a simple and clear analysis.,Well, it's better to share it.。

Next,ITStudio founder Wang Qingye according to years of experience,Share some experience with you!

Generally, common website processes and steps are as follows:

1、Buy domain name、Domain name。

2、Buy host、Prepare database。

3、Development website program、FTPUpload。

(what do you need to develop a website)4、Install、Debugger。

5、Analyze domain name,Publish online。

(what do you need to develop a website)What to prepare for the website??If you want to subdivide,Suggest this operation。

1、domain name

Domain name common suffix.com/.cn/.ccThese,General business nature website mainstream domain name suffix
.com/.cn/.cc/.http://com.cnMost,These are generally top-level domain names,Belong to a separate domain name。

Different nature website domain names,Education Type Website Domain Name General suffix.edu.cn,Government type website domain name is generally suffixed as.gov.


Server is also called host、space,Or cloud host、Cloud Server。Used to store code、Word、Picture and other network data,You need to upload code and data to the server after the website is completed.。

Generally, virtual hosts and virtual spaces will only be understood as server splitting.,Can share usage。Personal website or blog data limited,General use500Marrive1GVirtual space or virtual host is enough,The cost is also relatively low。

3、Relevant information

Frequent information that needs to be prepared:ID card、business license、Record information、Contact,Individuals and businesses may not be the same but are substantially!

(what do you need to develop a website)Of course,Website content related information is also ready,Such as corporate product information、picture、material、Company Profile、Contact。These are ready to hand over the website construction company,Waiting for the website to develop online。

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