what does a website developer do


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recent,Home with children ready to apply for software development、Inquiries from Parents of Software Engineering Majors:What is the main job of a programmer,Will it be as simple as drinking water, chatting and reading the newspaper??

simple to understand,A programmer's job is to sit in front of a computer and type code,Occupation commonly known as code farmer。

The work of a programmer can be divided into four sections,Often deal with four types of people Lone Ranger is really bad for programming

what does a website developer do

first part:Communication with product managers

As a programmer, after you get the requirements,You need to understand the product requirements clearly:What kind of code am I going to write??

The product manager in the company will define the project you do。You need to follow the requirements document,Break requirements down into code you write,And through these codes to achieve the needs of product managers。

the second part:andUIdesigner communication

If you work in front-end development,at this time,also involves andUIcommunication by design。How to make product interaction more beautiful and concise。because,Product managers give you functional requirements,UIDesigned to give you interactive needs。

the third part:Communication with test engineers

After writing the code, you have to communicate with the software testing。Because after the product is made, it is impossible to directly give it to users.。because,The product you design with code will havebug,at this time,A test engineer is required to test the product,In order to find out whether the product function is perfect, etc.。

what does a website developer do

fourth part:Communication between developers

In addition to communicating with the above three people,Communication is also required within software development。E.g:Is your company a website or aappof。Development positions will be divided into front-end development、Backend development。

(what does a website developer do)The simple understanding of front-end development is to do things for users to see。

Back-end development deals with data and business logic。

(what does a website developer do)so,As a programmer, you need to communicate with four aspects:product manager、test engineer andUIdesigner,Software Development Engineer。

You as a programmer don't just write code,You also need to have communication skills,You need to be able to express your ideas,You also need to be able to understand what other people are saying。

what does a website developer do

Abilities a Programmer Needs to Master

First,better technical ability

second,have communication skills

so,Interested in learning software development,Candidates for future positions as programmers,You must not waste your time in college,Exercise your programming skills、ability to communicate with people,prepare for employment。

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