how to develop a website for business



Clear demand,What kind of website wants to do,What are the specific functions of the website?,It is best to introduce a detailed documentation.,The document is best to include the following:

1. Website features and page and design style

2. Advantages and website optimization of peers

two、domain registration

You can register yourself,Try to register some short easy to remember.comDomain name for suffix,More than a few domain names,Prevent it from being snapped up。

how to develop a website for business

domain name

three、Buy virtual space

Virtual space is also known as virtual host,It is cheaper than the independent server,Common server website space size200Mabout,This size website space is enough to respond to ordinary enterprise websites,Of course,You can also use the server provided by the station company.。

Four、Domain name

(how to develop a website for business)Remove the previously available domain name,Provide relevant information to build a station company,The other party will assist the filing,Record time15-20Working day,If you don't file, you can't access it.。

Fives、Program development

Preparation is done,We can work on website construction,design,Program implementation,Optimization, etc.,You can follow the class according to the class。

how to develop a website for business

Website development

six、Test release

When the website program is written,It's a prototype of a website.,But at this time, the website is still imperfect.,Test assessment,To test from the user experience angle,Discover problems and solve it in time,Gradually perfect。When the problem of the site is solved,Nothing,You can pass the website to the virtual host space,At this time, the website can be officially released.。

In summary,Building a website,First of all, there is a plan for the overall program of the website.,Then select a good domain name、Rent server or purchase space、Determine good program development language、FindAijing Technology、Do your website security and maintenance、Grasp the direction of network operation promotion,This will play the biggest promotion role。

how to develop a website for business