job portal website development


(job portal website development)one、Domain name for the construction of the portal
Because it is the construction of the portal,So there is an industry-related vocabulary in the website.,Can explain what industry website,Then add the abbreviation in front of the region,This is the domain name consisting of general portal construction.。

two、Selection of station names for portals
If it is a regional portal construction,Don't call a very atmospheric station name,This will effectively avoid the front competition of some big portals.,It is possible to make a local resource advantage.,Form your own market locally。When your website name is good,The positioning is basically completed.,At this point, you can promote the target user.!

job portal website development

three、Program selection for portal construction
The selection program is very easy to make,Because the program itself needs high technical content,If there is no strength,Or writing program capabilities is not very strong,So I am looking for technology companies,Or ask some secondary development of procedures,This improves work efficiency!

Four、Server selection of portal construction
If someone hangs a lot of Trojans on the website,The website will have a lot of illegal information,The reason is still the case of the selected server.,No good security measures。Different portal construction is to see speed and stability when choosing a server.,Can you choose because it is cheap,To invest in many ways!

Fives、Website test after successful portal construction
When testing the website, you must consider Baidu and Google and other search engines.,Not closed door test,Baidu and Google are not able to include our website,Even if you have done it later301Re-direction,There is no good solution to this problem.,So the test website should also pay attention to the method.!

job portal website development