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Project title:About youth leadership development suggestions

(leadership development websites)Project sign:RFP-CHN-2020-023

Interception time:2020year7moon10day

Project background introduction

An online survey show,in China,77%ofLGBTStudents have experienced different degrees of school bullion,Mainly in middle school。also,They are still facing some challenges,Such as self-acceptance、It may lead to a child's mental health and campus discrimination that may lead to expel.。A report of UNESCO indicates,The two-sex equality education and peer support within the campus is critical to solving these problems.。

However,in China,Few of non-governmental organizations have long been concernedLGBTDevelopment of youth leadership and campus gender education。In order to cultivate youth leadership in China,EliminateSOGIESchool bullying behavior,Promote gender equality education,UNDP“Asian men's gay、Bilingual and denser”The program will implement a project,To achieve these goals。The project will focus on training and guidance50New Xinxing Youth Leader;1)Mobilize and lead communities。2)Take action, Reduce teachers and students and publicLGBTStamitation,Increase people's attention,Improve themSOGIEBullying understanding;3)Mobilization and lobby teachers carry out gender equality education。

UNDP is the United Nations Global Development Network,Advocacy change,And national and knowledge、Experience and resources link, To help people build a better life。The vision of the UNDP is to support countries while eliminating poverty and substantial reduction in poverty inequality and exclusion.。

Mission and goals


Carry out China's Youth Leadership Construction Site Training Workshop


Organize in ChinaSOGIENational Bullying and Gender Education Summit。

main content

(leadership development websites)Carry out China's Youth Leadership Construction Site Training Workshop.. At least there should be at least20Gay gay、 British and denaturing youth participate。Seminar should pay attention to dialogue exchanges and team building,Gain of participants motivation。Suppliers should be responsible for the development of the following standards:

· Seminar agenda。

· Invite participants and guidance instructors and provide list of participants

· Participants,Sub-duty work of instructors and related staff

· Activity record,Participants feedback and activity photos

· Organize in ChinaSOGIENational Bullying and Gender Education Summit。Summit should be included teacher、 youthLGBT、Education department、People's Congress representative、scholar、Stakeholders in researchers, etc.,Heavy Click Experience Exchange and Strategic Discussion。Suppliers should be responsible for the development of the following standards

· Seminar agenda

Activity、Output and timetable


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