what is needed to develop a website


The website is the most direct channel for customers to understand the company in the Internet age,It is also one of the important sources for enterprises to acquire customers.。A website is also the most intuitive display of a corporate image,Therefore, building a website is essential for every business.。So what materials do you need to prepare for building a website??What is the process??

first,Before building a website,Need to determine the target audience of the website first,through relevant research,determine their age、gender、area、hobbies etc.。Determine the theme and functional needs of the website,Do a good job in the analysis and research of competitors in the early stage of website construction,In order to facilitate website construction and post-operation。

what is needed to develop a website

The second is the website content

(what is needed to develop a website)The content material on the website should be prepared in advance。Content needs to be edited by yourself,Don't use other people's content,Content must be quality edited。Images on the website must be designed according to size requirements。Images must be sharp and high quality。Image size should be controlled at150Kthe following,Image is too large,Affects website loading speed。

Domain name is also very important

before starting the website,You must purchase a domain name in advance。The domain name must be registered and purchased by yourself,This way the management of the domain name is in your own hands,It also avoids many problems in the future。Domain registration should be brief,It is easy for users to remember domain names that are useful to the website。Domain name must be verified by real name。You can use your real name or your real company name,Domain name can be used after real-name authentication。

what is needed to develop a website

The design of the website needs to be attractive and interesting,Let website users stay longer to read and browse more content,Let search engines better evaluate your website,Make your website rank better,Facilitate the optimization of the entire website。The following principles should be followed when designing a website:

1. Good website structure and design

2.A good homepage design is the key

3.Do a good job of the overall color scheme of the website。

4.Suitable for further website optimization。

Finally, the development and testing of the website is launched。This stage includes the underlying development、data structure design、Homepage design and development, etc.。Plan according to website features,Complete database design and code writing,Complete website functionality。After the development of the website function is completed,Test and check the project according to the preliminary plan,and make corrections and corrections of errors。After final confirmation,The website is ready to use。