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Tencent's largest shareholder is the South African Press GroupMIH TC Holdings Limited,it is at2001years after the dotcom bubble,Sending charcoal to Tencent3200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,bought Tencent46%equity,successively reduced holdings,left to this day30.99%equity,And Ma Huateng has8%multi-point equity。

At the time3200,000 is a lot of money,All Internet companies are close to bankruptcy,No one cares about the internet,Tencent was aQQ,Not as profitable as it is today。

MIHinvestment is purely luck,Maybe it was because a big guy slapped his forehead and invested money,becauseMIHMost of the investment is in Africa,And they are quite general,Just one Tencent changed the fate of countless people。

Of course,I want to control Tencent Games,poisoned too many Chinese。

Tencent's current total market capitalization6trillion Hong Kong dollars,30%that is1.8trillion,MIHso far,return on investment7000multiple times。

Tencent's major shareholderPROSUSwill be soldat most2%Tencent stock,1.92billion shares。ProsusDepend onNaspersOwning the majority shareholding and the controlling shareholder of the company,MIH TCis its wholly-owned subsidiary。

1.92How much is 100 million shares of Tencent,1000billion,This is the largest single reduction in human history.。

website development companies in south africa

website development companies in south africa