what is php website development


If each language is different from each language,SoPHPThere are too many reasons for developmentPHPBecome the world's most popular scripting language——Highly flexible、Easy to use——But writePHP(Or any such language)Code,People often fall into a dilemma that is monotonous and annoying physical activity。And this is exactlyPHPDevelopment framework。

what is php website developmentProvide a developmentWebBasic architecture of the program,PHPDevelopment frameworkPHPWebThe program is developed to the pipeline。in other words,PHPDevelopment framework helps to promote fast software development(RAD),This saves your time,Helps to create a more stable program,And reduce the labor of developers repeatedly write code。These frameworks also help beginners create stable programs by ensuring the correct database operation and only in the manner programming.。PHPDevelopment framework makes you spend more time to create a realWebprogram,Instead of writing a recipient code。

PHPThe idea behind the development framework is called“Model—view—Controller”(MVC)。MVCIs such a architecture mode,It isolates business logic andUI,Allows one change and the other is not affected。(It can also be said to be the isolation of some concerns.)existMVCmiddle,Model is responsible for data,View is responsible for performance,The controller is the program main body or is responsible for business logic.。Essentially,MVCSplit a process of development,This way you can modify each part of the independent,And other parts are not affected,This is very important,It writesPHPCode is more fast。

PHPLanguage superiority,A lot of assembledPHPDeveloping enthusiasts,Regardless of industry prospects and personal development,PHPFly rapid development,PHPIn constantly upgrade,teachingPHPSchool,BrotherPHPThe development tutorial also upgrades adjustments with the trend。Faced with new technologies that cannot be adapted,Go to the frontierPHPDevelopment training institution brothersPHPDevelop,Timely charging your profession,Can also cultivate your diligent habit。