website development company in lucknow


website development company in lucknow

since2013Start from year,EtsyThere have been some Indian sellers.,sinceEtsyEntering India for one year,Significant growth in the number of sellers。

EtsyIndia headHimanshu Wardhandisclose,and2017Compared with the year,The company's active seller's growth has exceeded110%,The number of new sellers rose135%,Active in the same periodlistingIncrease95%。The company said that some of the reason why it enters the Indian market is:Want to work to make Indian sellers and craftsmen to meet the world3940Wan active buyers' needs。

Taking into account the energetic handicraft in India,This is not surprising,Because the handicraft occupies a considerable proportion in the miniature and small and medium-sized industries in India。Himanshu WardhanExpress:“existEtsy CollectiveUnder the banner,We are holding a seminar from all over India,Establish business relationship with sellers and buyers,Help them complete multiple stages of online sales。EtsyOne of the products that want to promote products is the story of the manufacturer.,At present, India has becomeEtsyThe only market with sales assistants,Help seller to open the store。”

EtsyFocus on female sellers

EtsyDifferent from other platforms lies in,This platform exceeds87%The seller is a woman。whenEtsyAfter entering the Indian market,Female participation is very high,Although Indian women account for only a small part of the total labor force,But this proportion is really surprising.。existEtsyMost of the products selling better is jewelry、Home Decoration、clothing,And most buyers and sellers are women.。

One of the successful female sellers is from Leckau in northern India.Ruchi Pugalia。After experiencing a successful and hard career,Ruchi PugaliaBeginning enthusiasm into textile,Start withComfy MommyMake pregnant women for mothers for the famous brand,she is atEtsyI have sold more over11000Custom pregnant women,Most of these customers come from the United States and Europe。

EtsyOpportunity and challenge

(website development company in lucknow)It is expected that e-commerce will promote consumption growth in the next stage of India.,andEtsyIt will also be big in this territory.。Understand,Etsy 2019The growth momentum remains in the second quarter,Income growth37%,Revenue1.811One hundred million U.S. dollars。despite this,EtsyCurrently due to not hugeSKUInventory and the size of giant companies like Amazon,Its challenge is still retaining customer base and creating more repurchan customers.。

(website development company in lucknow)Currently,The company is working hard to expand its group in India.,I hope to get more registered users to drive repetitive orders.,More sample products will become an important part of the successful factor for achieving this goal。

Talked to the seller,EtsyAssociate them into three levels:

·Professional designers and artists who have received professional training and offline business;

(website development company in lucknow)·housewife、Amateur enthusiasts and enthusiastic people;

·Traditional craftsman in the form of geographical art。

althoughEtsyThe purpose of the workshop is to attract the first two types of sellers,But the company is going to expand its plan into the grassroots level。

Currently,EtsyPhotographic Support Seminar is being carried out in Olisa and other places,And plan to extend it to several other states。The company also discussed many discussions with the state governments.,To obtain data about traditional sellers and craftsmen,And set a skill training studio for those who are interested in entering the field。

(website development company in lucknow)Now discussions on e-commerce companies,Also able to become the topic of the Indian government's draft e-commerce policy,These include discounts、Seller agreement and e-commerce transaction data。due toEtsyKey attention to the seller,It has become a current countless e-commerce company。Himanshu WardhanIt is said that the company has negotiated with the Indian Business and Industry,so thatEtsyThe seller is easier to touch international buyers,And become an exporter。

(website development company in lucknow)Although the company has not clearly expressed its attention to buyers in India markets,But how do your company view India buyers?,Himanshu WardhanExpress:“We will also consider putting the focus on the buyer.。Considering the changes of consumers,We are trying to redefine the way of operation of e-commerce,This is different from the depth discount mode that is currently maintained for a long time.。”Currently smaller sellers often find themselves in large platforms.,Through its various initiatives,May nowEtsyIt is the time to increase the bet on the Indian market.。”

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