linux user and developer website


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8moon13day,Google launchedChrome OS Developer center, This is a technical developer、Designer、Product Manager and the online center of system resources provided by business person in charge。

linux user and developer website


along withChrome bookSales rapid growth,Google encourages developers to develop more optimized applications for large screen equipment。At the same timeAndroidDeveloperChrome bookComplete all work,Google provides completeAndroidSimulator,Let developer testChrome bookApplication。

linux user and developer website(linux user and developer website)

In fact, the purpose is,Better help developers maximize the function on the platform,Better build and deploy application。Undoubtedly,Is developer learning&Another tool for tools。


ChromeOS.devwebsite,Covering technical resources、Tutorial、Product announcement、Code example, etc.。Support multiple languages,English、Spanish, etc.。There is also a major important role in the site to pass the site.,Help more developers Chromebook Construction and testing Android Application,Be easier。If the official website is beginning to write,「Your app + Chrome OS.See what’s possible」。

ChromeOS.devResource Online Center,The main target crowd isWeb、Androidas well asLinuxDeveloper,Designer、Product managers, etc.。

linux user and developer website website

It is worth mentioning that,ChromeOS.devResource online center is completely open source,It is designed for creating powerful and reliable progressiveWebDesigned,Developers can always be faster、Easily access the required information。From open source project,Let developers learn more。

For China's developers,Chrome OS Capture。Understand,Domestic manufacturers are building the Chinese versionChrome OS- FydeOS。Ability to compatibility with Android operations andLinuxvirtual machine,Carry with a complete user account system、Upgrade server、Enterprise integration system and app store。FydeOS Is a strong operating system。

linux user and developer website



(linux user and developer website)rightweb、LinuxandAndroidThe programmer, etc.,Is a good news。Not only can you speed up the development speed,can also“Standing on the shoulders of the giant”Go to a better development ideas and optimization applications。

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linux user and developer website


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