what is seo in website development


I often listen to peopleSEO,in the endSEOWhat means? SEO(Search Engine Optimization),Chinese translation for search engine optimization,A kind of「Use the search engine search rules to make the website in search engines better」Methods。So-called“For optimal processing for search engines”,It means that in order to allow the website to be easier to be accepted by search engines.。

what is seo in website development

Deep understanding:pass throughSEOSuch a set of search engines based on the marketing ideas,Provide ecological self-marketing solutions for our website,Let the website occupy a leader in the industry,Thus gaining brand gains。SEOIt can be divided intoOutside the stationSEOandWithin the stationSEOTwo types。

one、Within the stationseo

Mainly includes link structures in the station、Website tree structure and resources resources(Articles and products)optimization。

General enterprise websiteCMSAfter doing a good job,The tree structure and link structure of the website are basically done.,Just update the original content,And do the on-site anchor text link。

(what is seo in website development)Starting from this point,Choose a good use and suitableSEOThe enterprise building system is very important.。MetInfoIt is very good at this point,Including the anchor text in the station(Popular label)And pseudo-static, etc., no need to consider。

two、Outside the stationseo

(what is seo in website development)Contains friendship links and other external links。

No matter whether it is a friendship link、Social bookmark、Or establish a blog、Forum Posting and other promotion methods,In fact, it is doing something.,That is:Out-of-site anchor text。About anchor text,We will make a detailed introduction in the next chapter.,I don't have much here.。

Summarize the above two points,Enterprise website After the website is completed,It needs to be doneSEOMainly by two points:Original content and rich anchor text。Master these two points,SEOit's actually really easy。