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American time5moon30day,have“internet queen”calledMary Meekerreleased its annual<Internet Trends>Report(Internet Trends 2018) ,in the report,“queen”MeekerGao Liang introduced Alibaba's new retail business to the world,Global business。Mary Meekerthink,Alibaba not only created the form of new retail business,It continues to lead the development of new retail in China。

As a well-known venture capital fund in Silicon ValleyKleiner Perkinspartner,Mary Meeker A veteran of Silicon Valley,It can be said,she sees too much。Internet Trends Report,It is the focus event of Silicon Valley and even the global Internet,Leading the way in Silicon Valley。

exist2018in the report published in,Mary MeekerA lengthy analysis of Alibaba's business,There is no shortage of words of praise---creator of new retail、leader、Founder of Ali Ecosystem,at the same time,The report is also dedicated to the rapid growth of Alibaba's international business。

In order to make the audience understand her meaning more accurately,“queen”Simply directly quoted the content of Alibaba's financial report in its report.:“Alibaba's e-commerce platform is fast becoming China's retail infrastructure”,“The platform processes billions of transactions every day”“Very understanding of consumers' thinking”,At the same time, Alibaba is also a“deep tech(Deep Technology)”company of(Deep technology refers to those cutting-edge science and technology that can have a significant impact on the development of human society)。

website development company in meerut

Internet Trends report directly cites Alibaba's earnings,to show readers a complete new retail position of Alibaba:Creator,leader,E-commerce platform is the infrastructure of retail

Internet Trends Report and the VC Funds Behind ItKleiner PerkinsKnown for accurate judgment,This fund has successfully invested in many well-known companies:From Google to Amazon,againTwitterandSnapchat,were all identified by this fund in the early stage。In the words of the Wall Street Journal,This fund is Silicon Valley “biggest,also the best”venture capital fund。

In recent years,Internet Trends Report on the Chinese Internet,Alibaba in particular is very interested。only a few years ago,The report is only a rough reference to the generalization of the Chinese Internet。But in last year's and this year's reports,“queen”Has begun to mention China'sBATBusiness,Especially Alibaba's business content。

Behind the increase in the length of the report involving Ali,It reflects Alibaba's rapid progress in new business in the past two years.:in new retail,All over China there is a strife“New Retail City”boom。Hema Fresh as the face of new retail,Begin to bloom all over the country。Ali mentioned in the trend report has become“deep tech”company,mainly by Alibaba2017Dharma Institute(DAMO Academy)drive。Commitment to invest in it within three years1000billion RMB,Dharma Academy carries Jack Ma's high hopes,also gathered a large number of world-renowned scientists,promoting technology development。

website development company in meerut

2018Internet Trends report says,Alibaba has built a complete ecosystem

Alibaba's globalization is mentioned separately in the report,more rapid progress。

(website development company in meerut)According to incomplete statistics,In the past year,Alibaba acquires Southeast Asia's largest e-commerce companyLazada,e-commerce companies in pakistanDaraz。At the same time, it also invested in Indonesian e-commerceTokopediaand the Payments Corporation of IndiaPaytm。Ali's global business revenue,As shown in the trend report table,still climbing rapidly。

website development company in meerut

(website development company in meerut)2018Internet Trends report shows,Alibaba's globalization progresses rapidly,Rapidly rising international revenue


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