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according tochroniclet 1moon15Day report,Hans, head of Wellington, Ohio, USA·Schneider(Hans Schneider)Express,In recent years,The first big complaint received by the city hall is not a pothole、Water pressure or crime,Instead of unreliable Internet services。

mid ohio development website

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Now,Broadband supplierArmstrongDafu, Vice President of Marketing and Communication·Witman(Dave Wittmann)Express,Planning all for Wellington within the year2600Family of Fibernet。Unexpected,It starts to approximately on Thursday425Name customer launched service。

Schneider said,Wellington2016I have been going to Armstrong since the year.。2019End of the year,This headquartered company in Pennsylvania, USA58Highway is laiding fiber optic lines for business customers。

Armstrong is the tenth largest cable TV operator in the United States。Witman said,It has decades for business in central Ohio.,Now is expanding in Ashland County and Medina County。The company has been committed to expanding high-speed Internet access for customers in rural areas.。

(mid ohio development website)“We don't want the digital divide”,Vitman said,“We hope that people can do anything they need to do.。”

2020An annual survey shows,Wellington only75%Family with broadband internet service。

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