what questions to ask website developer


what questions to ask website developer

JavaBasic problem

(what questions to ask website developer)Stringof'+'Performance and principle

javaOfyield(),sleep(),wait()Distinguish-Memo notes

In-depth understandingJava Streamassembly line

abstract & abstractKeyword

(what questions to ask website developer)Java final Memory character knowledge point summary(Must see the article)

(what questions to ask website developer)JavamiddlestaticKeyword analysis

(what questions to ask website developer)Java Interpretation of the callback mechanism

JavaAbstract class withoopThree major characteristics

(what questions to ask website developer)JavaTime and timestamp mutual conversion

JavaWhy use internal classes?

Synchronized(Object lock)andStatic Synchronized(Class lock)Difference

select,poll,epollAdvantage and comparison

javaImproving(Eight)----Detailed internal class

(what questions to ask website developer)Single example mode and double check lock

javaWhat is the mechanism for realizing polymorphism??

javaImproving(Four)-----understandjavaThree major characteristics

(what questions to ask website developer)javaClass static domain、Piece,Non-static domain、Piece,Initialization order of constructor

Java middle String Why is it unmeseable??

JavaofstringWhy is the class unmeseable?

JavaWild understanding

Difference between static internal and non-static internal classes

Ten minutes understandJavaWeak reference

Underlying principle(JVM、JMM、JavaSource、Concurrency)

JVMHow to operate buffer

(what questions to ask website developer)becomeJava GCexpert(3)—How to optimizeJavaGarbage recycling mechanism

JVMPerformance tuning(important)

Java8Series of rehearsingHashMap

(what questions to ask website developer)Interpretation clone

How to delete correctlyListElement,Do you know?

keySetandentrySetEfficiency comparison

(what questions to ask website developer)Threadofrun()andstart()Difference

JAVAConcurrent programming learning notesReentrantLock

(what questions to ask website developer)Baidu pen test:malloc/freeandnew/deleteDifference

JAVACommon collection and characteristics of the collection framework、Applicable scene、Implementation principle

JAVAConcurrent programming learning notesReentrantLock


askServletProcessServletThe life cycle

java finalizeSummary、GCimplementfinalizethe process of

JVMThree series:JVMparameter settings、analyze

JavaGeneric summary



TalkConcurrentHashMap1.7and1.8Different implementation

HashMapBottom realization principle/HashMapandHashTablethe difference/HashMapandHashSetthe difference

Java Four thread pools

JDKAnd design patterns:Command mode

QuoteJDKIn design pattern

javaMultithreading(two)——Design mode for use

JavaCalcular core foundation——Thread pool use and underlying realization mechanism

Single example mode advantages and disadvantages and use scenarios

Java 8 middleConcurrentHashMapSource analysis

Thread Pool

Framework problem(Spring、SpringMVC、MybatisWait)

Spring AOPRealization principle

(what questions to ask website developer)gitDry car series:(three)I submit it wrong, I want to revoke or return to the version.

Java WebNetworking support cross-domain requests

69roadSpringInterview questions and answers

(what questions to ask website developer)In-depth understanding Spring Transaction principle

SpringTransaction management(Explain+Example)

MyBatisdynamicSQLBottom principle analysis

Brief descriptionSpringContainerSpringMVCContacts and differences

Spring AOP Realization principle

jsp Nine built-in objects and their role


(what questions to ask website developer)MavenHow to solve the problem of conflict

mavenHow to put all referencesjarPackage to onejarmiddle

MyBatis Exploration of the principle of interceptors

TomcatDetailed and configuration of load balancing principle

SpringMVCOneControllerHandling concurrency issues with all users request

(what questions to ask website developer)Algorithm problem

AVLTree、Red tree、B/B+Trees andTrieTree comparison

(what questions to ask website developer)Bloom FilterConcept and principle

Insert and delete diagram of bidirectional linked list

(what questions to ask website developer)Search algorithm highlights

aboutBSome summary of trees

Redismiddle5Use scenario in data structure

Dictionary tree(TrieTree)Implementation and application

Aware of one CanO(1)time complexity Finish Push、Pop、MinStack of operation

Common security algorithm

Interview:supportO(1)Time to completepop,pushandmaxStack

Teach you how to quickly kill quickly:99%Massive data processing interview questions

Single example mode application scenario

Make small but daily progress——Five minutes understand the consistency hash algorithm(consistent hashing)

WhyB+-treeCompareB Tree is more suitable for the file index and database index of operating systems in practical applications.?


Foundation Course(database、computer network、Computer composition principle、Operating system, etc.)

High concurrent access database optimization method

(what questions to ask website developer)Simple understandingSocketandTCP/IP、Http、SocketDifference

Virtual memory mechanism

(what questions to ask website developer)Several networksI/OModel

EnteredurlTo display the web page,What happened in the background?

What happened when the web page opened?I was scared.

Method of thread return value

SSLInteraction and handshake process

SQLStudy notes——OfSQLOptimization experience summary34strip

HTTPLong connection and short connection

process?Thread?What have you shared?

(what questions to ask website developer)MySQL Slow query log(Slow Query Log)

TCP/IPExplain--TIME_WAITReasons for the state

operating system:Memory management(concept)

From a relational database to non-relational database


Several state conversion

MySQLAdvanced actual articles

(what questions to ask website developer)about MySQL You may not know SQL skills

MySQLOptimization must be adjusted10Item configuration

Browser Cache Mechanism Analysis

MySQLData's master-slave copy、Semi-synchronous replication and master copy detail-Turn

8 kind NoSQL Database system comparison

mysql Lord copy principle

JavaHow to implement a thread communication?

Understand multi-threaded design mode



Distributed Message Queue in Large Website Architecture

(what questions to ask website developer)Two modes of the message queue

VoyengLinux Of I am most commonly used20Item command

Common performance optimization strategy summary

Cache、Cache Algorithm and Cache Framework

How to design a spike system

RedisPrimary introduction

Evolution of large-scale website system architecture

Talking about Load Balancing Technology and Classification

One minute to understand everything in load balancing

Ensure distributed system data consistency6Species

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what questions to ask website developer