website development company in new zealand


  “ITIs there a market in New Zealand??”

  If you want to make a code in New Zealand、Development software or become computer coffee,The first thing I think is that this problem is。So Xiaoben's official website data of the New Zealand government,First of all, this conclusion:

(website development company in new zealand)  IT,information Technology,New Zealand export industryTop 3,Not only the whole countryGDPof8%,Also accounting for local labor5%,More than2.7Wan foreign talents are2014-2019Won the work in New Zealand in New Zealand,Single in front of the epidemic2019There is also an entry3683people。

  No need to doubt,CurrentlyITTalents are never lack in New Zealand,This will naturally lead another question.:

(website development company in new zealand)  “ITIs there a market in New Zealand??”

  Xiaobian found that local Komantuo has50%Gather in the economic center of New Zealand——Auckland。ExperiencedITTalent,It is it that the city finds the most work probability in New Zealand.。

  But if you don't meet the New ZealandITconditions of,EvenITLearning or work experience,Naturally can't get the olive branch of these companies...

  So at this time,The most appropriate transition is to read a computer-related undergraduate area./Graduate courses,Watch New ZealandITKnocking brick in the industry。

  Near water building,University reading directly in the city of AucklandITcourse,Enjoy industry resources in place,Whether in the school find internship or graduation, find a job,AITStudents are great convenience andpeerCompetitive advantages。

(website development company in new zealand)  In AucklandCBD,There is a well-known public university,Not only letITStudents have the advantage of near water reservoirs,At the same time, there is also a special flash point that can immediately grasp the employer's eye.——Its computer and information science undergraduate course has obtained New ZealandITExpert Association Certification。

  Be right,University of Auckland,onlyAUTAuckland University of TechnologyReach this threshold。

  aboutAUT,I believe everyone has a certain understanding.:

(website development company in new zealand)  Rank more than around the world99%University,Located in New Zealand Economic Center Auckland,Not only collecting many well-known experts here to teach,Open multiple high-ranking majors,I have attracted a large number of international students to this year.。

  comeAUTproject、Computer and Mathematics ScienceITcourse,The support of international students is more,Bust-free business district combines high-end industrial parks+FashionPlazaThe environment does not have to say,BeQSFive-star university,AUTCampus service、Scholarship treatment is not more than other“Eight”。

  rightITStudent,In addition to theoretical knowledge,Implementation is also a central link from the professional skills.,This process is less than a variety of research institutions to provide opportunities。

  It is worth mentioning here.,AUTHas60Multiple research institutions can conduct research activities in students,Teaching equipment is rated“Excellent”Excellent level,inITSix of the direction:

  AUT Artificial Intelligence Research Center

  AUT Robot and Vision Center

  AUT Network Security Research Group

  AUT Knowledge Engineering and R & D facilities

  AUT Software Engineering Research Laboratory

  AUT High Performance Computational Research Laboratory

  Professional certification、Top level、Research platform... Combine these advantages intoAUTWhat will be like a computer course??Next, Xiaobian will give you analysis and analysis.,existAUTreadITHow is a computer course for computer courses?。

  Graduated from high school?Or accept a certain higher education?

(website development company in new zealand)  The most recognized employment channel in New Zealand

  Read this undergraduate course,Graduated in the local enterprise

(website development company in new zealand)  AUTBachelor of Computer & Information Science

  Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences

  School system:3year

  tuition fee:$35,200New currency/year

  commencement time:2022year2moon、7moon

  Entry Requirements:IELTS spirit and single department6.0,Among them5.5I.e.;High school graduation and college entrance examination results or High school graduation and reading a year undergraduate or High school graduation and reading a two-year college

  Professional direction: Data science, Digital service, cyber security, Software development

  First year learning foundationITKnowledge,The two years of escort

  More research and development projects,Undergraduate graduates are affected by New ZealandITExpert Association Certification

  Employment support to force,School officeITRecruitment will be strong in Auckland

  Basic subject:Programming concept and skills、Computer technology in society、Cooperative practice、Computer mathematics、ITproject management、Database system design

  Professional subjects:Data science(Data science anory, Data scientific statistics, Forecasting, Data framework and algorithm, Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering, Computer vision and image processing, Logic and discrete mechanism, Natural inspiration calculation method, artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics)、Digital service(demand analysis、Get and train, Service modeling, Micro service, Design and construction, Information security technology, Service innovation and design, Internet of Things and Applications, Information security management)、cyber security(Network and system management, Computer network application, cyber security, Advanced network technology, Corporate network, Higher security system, Information security management)、Software development(Software development practice, Program design and construction, Data framework and algorithm, System operation, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Applicant interaction, Contemporary software engineering event, Distributed system and mobile system, Web development)

  Itself has a certainITComputer experience?

  Or have a bachelor's degree in computer related subject matter?

  This master's program can help you find a higher level in New Zealand

  AUTMaster of Computer and Information Science

  Master of Computer and Information Sciences

  School system:1.5year

  tuition fee:$38,800New currency

(website development company in new zealand)  commencement time:2022year2moon、7moon

  Entry Requirements:IELTS spirit and single department6.5,Among them6.0I.e.;Bachelor degree with computer and information science and achievementB

  Students suitable for computer-related bachelor degree and want to improve knowledge reserves

  direction:AIKnowledge engineering, Information system and technology, Software system engineering

(website development company in new zealand)  permanentAUTResearch institutions and laboratories conduct research projects and thesis

(website development company in new zealand)  Two routes of projects or papers,Learn to build software products or do special specials

  Research areas:AIKnowledge engineering(Bioinformatics, Health information, Neurological information, Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Calculation method and geographic calculation of natural inspiration)、Information system and technology(Data warehouse and big data, ITStrategic and policy, Polytechnic industryICTquestion, eSystemsDesign and Development, Visual information processing, Information visualization, Human-Computer Interaction)、Software system engineering(Centered design, Software demand project, Software Architecture, Software development method)

  Science1:new ZealandITExpert association

website development company in new zealand

  IT Professionals New Zealand,new ZealandITIndustry recognized capacity certification body,Certified school/Universal cultivated talentsITCorporate general attention,In the local areaITThe employment market has a single advantage。AUTThe undergraduate course of computer science is the only university course recognized by this Association.。

  Science2:ICTRecruitment with engineering professional

  AUT ICT and Engineering Career Fair,New ZealandITOne of the most important college recruitment associations with the engineering industry,AUTEmployment resources exclusive。Deloity every year、Fisher、New Zealand Airlines, etc.40HomemasterHRAnd the company represents the campus,Depth communication with students,And pick the talents suitable for them。

  As for what work after graduation,Compared with other majors,ITCareer choice is obvious:

  Network developer、software engineer、Database administrator、Business analyst、ICTCustomer Support Manager、ICTproject manager、ICTQuality Assurance Engineer、ICTSecurity expert、ICTSupport engineer、ICTSystem test engineer、Multimedia expert、Network administrator、Software and app、Software tester、Analysis programming、System administrator、System analyst、Telecom engineer、Telecom network engineer、Computer network and system engineer、Test Engineer...

  Among them, there is no short year.100kNew currency、Popular positions listed in the shortage of New Zealand in New Zealand。

  After two years of national door closure,New Zealand ClearITThe industry's desire for talents。I believe that after opening the border next year,comeAUTAuckland University of TechnologyITYou,It will be able to harvest the unexpected cause here.。