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Financialhood US stock news Foreign media report,As Amazon founder,Jeff-Beszzos(Jeff Bezos)Is the richest person on the earth,But his ultimate dream exists in a name“Blue origin”(Blue Original)Companies with famous arrogance。

In fact,As Beszzos2018year4Monthly,He sold every year10$ 100 million stock,To provide funding for his private aerospace blue origin。

Beszzos said at the time:“I believe,over time,Blue Origin Company will be the most important job I do.。”

last Tuesday,Beszzos re-examined his future future of the future.,And introduce the latest work that the blue origin company is to help achieve this view.。This time,He has accepted an interview in a private event in the Yelu Club, New York City.。“Wings club”(The Wings Club)Is a professional aviation organization,It organized this30Minute conversation,Depend on《Space news》(Space News)Senior contributor Jeff-Foster(Jeff Foust)Host。

(who developed amazon website)Their conversation covers the development of blue origin companies21Century Rocket Engines Progress in Criticism-Mask(Elon Musk)And its space exploration technology companySpaceXMars settlement vision。Beszzos even grateful to people in Amazon and their e-commerce companies.。

He said:“Every time you buy shoes,You are helping to support blue origin companies,So thank you。I'm very grateful。”

(who developed amazon website)The following is the election of this interview:

When talking about the long-term vision of Besi Space travel,He criticized the idea of settlement Mars——This is Elon-Mask and his airline's dream。

(who developed amazon website)Foster:You have a long way to work with millions of people in space and life.。so,You still have a lot of work to do——How do you plan to do next??

Beszzos:I have already talked to help the next generation to do space entrepreneurs.,This is very important。If you look further,Or you can ask a big problem,“Why do we need to go to space??”Why humans need to go to space??How is this going?”I think this is a very useful problem worth thinking.。

(who developed amazon website)My answer is a bit different from the answers you often hear.。I feel very hard in one thing.,That is thatBPlan,That is, the earth is destroyed,You have to go anywhere。I don't believe this argument。

We have sent robot detectors to every planet in the solar system.。For those who want to move to Mars,I want to say,“Pleased,First, I will stay in Mount Everest.,See if you likeless——Because compared with Mars,It is simply a paradise。”

He added,His vision is to promote heavy industry and energy production away from the earth.。so,Our earth began to become original,We don't need to suffer from food shortages and mixing because of population growth and people getting more and more.。

Mining operations on asteroids

Beszzos:We want to go to space to protect this planet。That's why our company is named blue.——This is a blue planet,This is our hometown。but,If we only stay in this planet,We also don't want to face a stagnation civilization,This is a real problem,This is also a long-term issue。

The resources of this planet are actually limited。For a long time,People have been predicted that the resources of the earth are limited,But they seem to always be wrong。You can be traced back to decades ago,People predict that we will exhaust this mineral or mineral,But the facts prove that this is not true。

(who developed amazon website)But you can get some very basic things,This is the solar energy intercepted by this planet.。This is a tiny planet around the sun rotation.,And the sun spreads everywhere。The sun we facilitate nuclear fusion reactors。It not only produces nuclear fusion energy,And also spread it everywhere。But we only intercepted a small part of them.。

A stagnant life will be a combination of population control and energy distribution。If you stay on the earth,That is the life you have to face.。Even if it is efficient,You can still use energy according to quantitative distribution.。for me,This sounds unlike a very exciting、Suitable for civilization in our future generation。

This is not for us,This is not important to us——We will be fine.。But for our future generations,This seems to be a quite bleak world。

Beszzos explained,Let1Thousands of people live in the solar system,Instead of let billions of people live only on the earth,This will bring amazing benefits。

Beszzos:The solar system can support one trillion,Then we will have1000Mozart and1000Izan。Think about how incredible and energetic。

But if we have to do this,We must enter the solar system。You must get more energy of the sun output。We must use all resources in space,Mineral,Not just energy。This is very feasible,But we must start this。

(who developed amazon website)the fact is,We are not forever,first step——I don't know all future steps.,But I know one of them.——We need to build a low cost、High operability and reusable rocket。No matter which path you take,It has to pass through the door。

(who developed amazon website)This is a very expensive step。This is why the blue origin company focuses on it.。This is not two people who live in the dormitory.。But I really hope that our future generations can live full of vibrant life and high civilized life.。But we have to start。

(who developed amazon website)If his plan is successful,Beszzos explained,We don't need to become“Planet”And other planet surfaces settle in the solar system。on the contrary,He thinks we can build your own habitat.,Jerer, a physicist-O'Neill(Gerard O’Neill)exist20century70As described in the age。

Beszzos:by the way,I think we will not live on various planets.。I think we will live in huge O'Neil's space colonies.。Decade ago,The physicist O'Neill came up with this idea。

He asked his very simple question in Princeton's physics student.,But it is a non-ordinary problem。That is:Is the planet surface that is the right place in the development of the territory in the solar system??After doing a lot of research work,The answers given by these students are“Do not”。

Decade ago,existYouTubeAn interesting interview video appeared,That is about Aisac-Asimov(Isaac Asimov)、An interesting dialogue that happened between O'Neill and their interviewers。For Asimov,Interviewee:“So,Do you think we are so focused on expanding the surface of other planets??”Asimov said:“this is very simple。We grow up on a planet,We are planetary people。”

(who developed amazon website)But we will have a lot of advantages in the space colonies that we will build.。The main thing is that they will be close to the earth.。The time and energy required between the planets are extremely high.。but,If you have huge space colonies,那么人们就可以很方便地往来。Then people can easily——这太令人惊奇了。

Few people will want to leave this planet forever,这个星球将被划为住宅区和轻工业区。This is too surprising,但我们不会在这里做重工业。The thing that will eventually happen is?因为地球是太阳系的瑰宝。This planet will be classified as residential area and light industry area?这完全没有道理嘛。

We will have universities here, etc.,随着时间的推移,But we won't be a heavy industry here.。这甚至是在商业上明智的做法,Why do we do this?,工业自然而然地会被那些低成本的环境所吸引。