website development company philippines


website development company philippines

fromiPrice Groupexist2017Year Tracking E-Commerce Platform The monthly network access volume and social media visit,In the past two years,Lazada、ShopeeandZaloraThese three companies have always dominated the Philippines e-commerce market。

LazadaAverage visits in the first quarter of this year(Desktop and mobile network)for25,652,100Second-rate,Followed byShopeefor15,373,900Second-rate,Zalorafor1,669,400Second-rate。ArgomallandeBayRespectively1,290,500Second and896,900A number of top five。

existiPrice GroupandApp Annie IntelligenceDisplayed in the survey data conducted by cooperation,Lazada、ShopeeandZaloraexist2019The first quarter of Southeast AsiaTOP APPThe top of the list is also famous.。

website development company philippines

(2019Southeast Asia in the first quarter of the yearTOP APP)

(website development company philippines)LazadaOccupy occupancy

althoughLazadaGet strong support in Alibaba has advantages in supporting business strategies with a solid war.,butLazadaThe key to success is that its innovation ability and fast adapt ability meet customer needs。

In order to enter the market of the Philippines,They also launchedLazMall,I hope to attract more people to pay attention to them through attractive shopping and entertainment content.APP。

LazMallAt2018year8Monthly launch,This additional function is helping to have the total number of visits on the desktop and mobile networks andAPPMonthly active users play a key role。

Lazadalast year3The month launched the application game,which isFruit Slash,Birthday BlastandPopping Balloons,One week of last year7Years birthday celebrations are welcomed by users。

The winner will receive a convertible voucher as a reward,also,last year3moon27dayLazadaHolding a super party in Jakarta in Indonesia,I also invited the international popular singerDua LipaMiss GlobalPia Wurtzbachjoin。

This is a grand live concert,Success allows users from Southeast Asia to participate in the celebration.。LazadaReport,At the end of the one-week celebration,The volume of its platform has exceeded3.18Billion。This super party attracted in the application and TV.1200Wanzhi,Total250Ten thousand people play games。

website development company philippines

(Southeast AsiaTOP10Monthly E-commerce ranking)


at the same time,ShopeeE-commerce platform visits2019The first quarter is about1540Ten thousand times,The second place in the main competitor,Also ranked second in terms of mobile application visits。

althoughShopeeOne of the youngest platforms in the Philippines,But it does not hinder one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia.。

according toiPrice GroupData display,ShopeeRank second in the number of social media fans,FacebookThere1440Wan fan,InstagramThere294400Wan fan,TwitterThere17500Wan fan。

along withSEATall15Yili dollar funds support its business,ExpectShopeeWill get rid of innovation,To improve its market share。Techcrunchlast year3Monthly report,“SEAWill use this fund for‘Business expansion and other general enterprise use’。”GivenSEARecently, the main concern isShopee,Most of the funds may be assigned toShopee。

(website development company philippines)Zaloralocalization

The third is ranked third in the list.Zalora,Because it customizes the marketing strategy for the Philippine fashion style and won more loyal fans。

(website development company philippines)ZaloraNot only provide design from global brands,Also with the Philippines fashion social media idolGeorgina Wilson-Burnand,Isabelle Daza-Semblat,Liz UyandSolenn Heussaff-Bolzicocooperate,Introducedthe_ editExclusive series。

(website development company philippines)ZaloraIn the twenty2.9Wan fan,Ranked second,existFacebookhave771.9Ten fans andInstagramhave18.18Wan fan,Ranked third。

All above is taken from the network,Main reference sourcee27。(source:CAMIAGo out of the sea)

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