who developed facebook website


Movie in Hollywood《Social network》The zickburg is created for picking photosFacebookof。But is this really like this??

who developed facebook website

What is really found?Facebook,In German media《Sunday World News》Interview was disclosed。

then,He has already handed over the girlfriend and the current wife Prasi·List(Priscilla Chan),At that time he has been fascinated by the Internet.,Google's news search function is very powerful.,Wikipedia's reference is also very powerful.,But in this side of Zachberg discovered or has a gap。

Zachberg believes“None of the tools, let you try to understand other people.,I don't know how to build a tool.,So I started from making a gadget。”

(who developed facebook website)exist“Social network”Version of the version,Zachberg began to do a gadget,Let people know that they have built their own curriculum.“Course tool”,He also established a avatar tool。But these are adapted by movie scriptts.。

The real version is,A college student spends too much time to program,Not enough energy on the class。Zucker Bake a learning tool becomes a social network,Why don't you do it??

(who developed facebook website)Historical class in the last semester of Zuckerberg,Everyone must pay an article“Rome August”Historical article,And show the learning results to everyone。

But as a child that has been focused,Zachberg does not pay much attention to the content on the course in the course.,So when the job is arranged,Zachberk is very popular,Because these things are not clear。

In order to complete the post-class homework,Zachberg began to recommend their own learning tools to their students around you.,And integrate all gadgets,Publish,that'sFacebookOrigin。

(who developed facebook website)Hollywood movie mentioned,Variety of behaviors,Not accurate。

Zakberke can connect community through the network in the student era,But he believes that someone will connect people to people from the world.。The most fascinating is surprised by him, there is no one to do such a thing.。

As for why no one is doing this, Zuckerberg believes that there are many small reasons to make people do this.。“Oh,This is just a young man”;“OK,A group of people are using it,But it will never make money”;“Oh,Americans will use it,But there will be all people around the world.”;“Oh,It can't work on the mobile”。

Let the world are connected to people.Facebook、The beginning of Zakberg,From artificial intelligence to virtual reality12Become a company that has become a future investment。

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