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Newly edited first version of the textbook and second version of the textbook

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As the first piano examination institution in my country,The piano test level of the Chinese Musician Association is the current number of candidates.、The most widely radiated project。2021year,New textbook《Chinese Phonetic Association National Piano Play Collection(New second edition)》Started to enable national scope。What other changes have new textbooks??Is it difficult to change before??recently,Held at the Beijing Musician Association“Capital Piano Talent Training Class”superior,《Chinese Phonetic Association National Piano Play Collection(New second edition)》Four editorial committees——Common birch、Zhou Mingshun、Li Min、Wang Wei explained a detailed explanation of issues in piano basic teaching and the performance skills of the new content.。After the meeting,Li Min and Secretary-General of the Piano Society of the Chinese Phonet Association, Li Minhe Central Conservatory of Music, he received an interview with this report.。

Tour There is no change in difficulty

“The biggest change is actually a track。”Li Min introduced,The new first version of the textbook is from2007It starts using it year,arrive2019The new edited second version of the textbook is already used.12Long time,So the track“Update”Nature is the focus of this revision。The new second version of the textbook introduced some new music elements,Tranferee is more diverse,Added near modern works,The tracks of practice songs are more abundant than before.,In addition to the most familiar cachiki、Kramo,Also added Li Shi、Sibelius、Bugemuras and other composers。

As piano enlightenment age is getting smaller,3Years, half piano, can play the car599,5Superski children《Puppy》This type of dazzling performance is not uncommon on the Internet.。Does the new textbook have improved in difficulty??Changhua believes,Children are not worth advocating,The child's body should grow slowly,The level of playing the piano should also improve a little bit,“Peacemoth comparison,Now the piano children and the past piano children are different.。”Li Min also expressed certainly on this.,According to him,3I started to learn the piano and5Children who started to learn the piano,arrive10Year old,The level will be slowly close。In his opinion,Enlightenment is not necessarily related to the weakness of the morning and evening and technology,“Some children are learning very early.,But it doesn't mean that he will run fast than others after growing.。”

The new version of the examination work collection still maintains the original level.,1to10The difficulty of level has no change。“Some people will feel that the examination materials are getting more and more simple.,It is because everyone has more attention to the examination.,More Kung Fu is more。And the teachers have been studying for many years.,I have already studied tracks very thoroughly,Taught up,Students will also improve very quickly。”Li Min said。

Music is the core Technology is the foundation

In the case of difficulty in track,During the editing of this second edition,The editorial committees intentionally make the music elements in the tracks rich,That is, let everyone put the center of gravity to solve the problem.,But more emphasis on music expressions。“No matter which level,Pay attention to music and taste when playing the piano,Express emotion with music,It is the original intention of children to learn music.。”Changhua said。

(piano for the developing musician website)However, in the actual examination,All local examination standards are not uniform,More still on the assessment skills,The requirements for piano children are mainly concentrated in the integrity of the work.、Rhythm and fluency,I rarely pay attention to music expressions。Therefore, many piano teachers have the requirements of the students.“Just play down”。Li Min believes,This is contrary to the purpose of learning music,Should let children be in aesthetic standard,Pay attention to tone more uniform、The sound level of the chord is clearly,These requirements for music quality in the examination are not enough.,In the future, we must gradually strengthen。“Parents will think that the higher the level, the higher the level means a longer paragraph、Faster speed,But in fact, greater difficulty is that the performance of the piano children has no expression.。Even if you can put Chopin practice songs,I don't see a simple but exquisite《Mozart Sonata》。”

(piano for the developing musician website)In the eyes of Li Min,Music is multi-dimensional,If the technology is the foundation,So music is the core,Foundation and core lack of,Composition of the complete presentation of music。“In the actual situation,The child's finger in the second or third level is not enough.,But if you feel good,Can show music,At least also good。But to four or five,If there is no technical guarantee,Many things don't do it.。”He also believes,For the future, the amateur piano children who are not prepared to take professional routes,Training of the understanding of music and imagination,More important than simple technical training。From this perspective,From the beginning of the test level,Even from learning music,Children should pay attention to emotional color,Such as,Is it bright or dark。With the increase of age and level,Emotions will become more complicated,Eskay,Or have some depression in the sadness……on the basis of,Go to gradually solve technical problems,Doing the technology in place with the core imagination,Consider sound quality、Uniform、finger、Sound level, etc.。

Piano test level setting level,That is to gradually enter,But there is still a small number of parents who are keen on plucking.,Sprint the exam work when the child's ability is not reached,attempt“Rush”。This phenomenon,Li Min said,“Examination is essential to piano education,But keen on faster examination,From a long time to see harmful to children。Parents want children to study efficiently,In the face of the phenomenon of sediment,Everyone often discusses parents in a brain.,But the key to the problem is just on the examination judges——How to pull,Everyone will certainly go to success.。If you strict,Is it possible to stop this phenomenon??”Li Min said,Future tests should be very systematic adjustments and changes。“If you only consider the completion of track,Then we have ignored the role and function of the examination as a music learning and training evaluation system.。”

Chinese workTo pop up China's taste

The new version of the textbook has continued in the previous version of each level of Chinese songs.。In the eyes of Li Min,Such choices are related to cultural confidence and cultural inheritance。“The current Chinese work is getting more and more,When we have a certain accumulation,Just give your child a lot of emission and styles of national music,Work hard to make your child more‘Music around you’。”Li Minzhen said,Compared to foreign works,From the amount of track, the current Chinese work is not enough.,Not enough system。“Foreign practice songs are sorted by system level,Multiplex、Sonata、Sonata, etc.,The accumulation of tracks is very perfect,Easy to have progress,But Chinese composers generally create according to their own creation,Cannot not form a system from the perspective of teaching applications,So want to make Chinese works to cover the whole piano teaching system,Currently don't do it。”Li Min also said,The traditional Chinese music understands is relatively small.,For example, I don't know the cavity of Northern Xinyou Tour.、What is the specific inner Mongoliao song?,Therefore, you should make your child more contact with national music.。exist10Level works,The editorial committee specially selected Wang Li San《Folk toys》。“Everyone used to say that the recurrence of music will think of Bach.,and《Folk toys》It is the boutique of China's recurrence music,Incense,Another taste of national music。”

Changhua believes,Children Chinese works are less,Contact Chinese work with piano teachers、Teach China's taste。“Young teacher,There is less opportunity to play Chinese work when you grow up.,So I can only pop up the melody according to the way to teach foreign works.,But did not take into account the unique charm of Chinese works,I don't know how to teach students.。”In this training,Common birch《Go shopping》《Tea》Take advantage of,Focus on how to interpret those image stark、Chinese work。

Incoming lessons and interviews,Li Minhe Changhua has called on the piano teacher and parents to see the examination.,According to the requirements of the new version of the work,Practice according to the office。As participated in multiple version of the piano educator, the piano educator prepared by the work, Zhou Mingshun said,Music examination is to promote the standardization and scientificization of social music learning,Enable the broad quality piano and candidates to the way of the formal piano,Give you a clear standard。Provide a reasonable textbook,The purpose is to let everyone walk less。“As long as everyone is practicing seriously,Make piano learning more standardized under step-by-step tenet guidance,Can achieve better achievements and greater progress in the examination。”Zhou Mingchun said。


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