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Cross-border e-commerce industry practitioners know,Because more account operations involving multiple accounts,Multi-platform multi-account needs to use different network environments+Computer environment。For more account defense association resolution issues,The anti-check fingerprint browser came into being。

Talking about fingerprint browser,Products on the market,Unexpected,for example: Mutilogin,, AdsPowerBrowser,kameleoBrowser……However, the fingerprint browser,Naturally, I can't mention LincolnLinken SphereThis oldest brandMade inRussia's top fingerprint browser。

website development lincoln ne

About Lincoln Flash Browser

Linken Sphere(Lincoln)Is a powerful browser developed by Russians,The tool earliest appeared2017year7moon,Also have“Offline recording mode”Function,Can simplify the import and export between sessionscookiethe process of。

useLinken SphereTools When the browser session,Users can load their ownuser agentinformation,You can also choose from dozens of pre-configured agents to choose to camouflageuser agent,Suitable for multiple operating systems,Such asWindows,Mac,Linux,AndroidandiOS。Users can also manually setGPSCover the real position coordinate。

Set up the configuration of the browsing session,Users are guided to a browser fingerprint service,Verify their anonymity。also,Attackers can generate unique fingerprints for a single session in a separate browser tab,Therefore, the creation of an activity is a camouflage performed by many people.。

What are the domestic anti-related browsers similar to the Lincoln Function??the answer isAdsPowerBrowser。

(website development lincoln ne)website development lincoln ne(website development lincoln ne)

aboutAdsPowerAnti-related browser

(website development lincoln ne)The more anti-related browser for domestic use isAdsPowerAnti-related browser(Super browser、Fingerprint browser、E-commerce browser),Features simple operation,cheap price。

(website development lincoln ne)AdsPowerThe anti-check-in browser is the domestic team developed against Amazon assessment.,Especially for Amazon users is relatively friendly,The success rate of testing is much higher than other browsers.,Interface can be switched in English,Personal unlimited version does not create a restriction。

There are many applications,E-commerce、Social media marketing、Register an account、Netal marketing、Network information reptile、Internet earning wool industry and advertising verification users, etc.。

website development lincoln ne(website development lincoln ne)

AdsPowerWhat pain points can you solve??

AdsPowerFingerprint browser is a bit similar to a local virtual machine,No need to buy extra purchaseVPSserver,As long as one can access the computer, you can manage more accounts in batches.。

Browser that can create different fingerprint parameters,There is enough browserUA、webgl、Font type、Resolution parameters,This doesn't have to find these fingerprints yourself.,It is already enough for software.,The most critical is that they can be customized.,Very flexibility,

Also operate more account defense association management,Compared to previous traditional methods,Need enough computer to achieve this effect,Of course, more man-to-operate operations,Save time saving more labor costs。As long as you use this software function very well,Be able to useAdsPowerMake the possibility of unlimited opportunities!Fingerprint browser - AdsPowerE-commerce fingerprint browser


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