process of developing ecommerce website


  Nowadays people are very popular in searching and understanding information on the Internet,Therefore, many business companies will find a promotion of products and services that belong to their own websites.,So what steps are there in the website??The following small series will come to answer this question for everyone.:

  one、Clearly bought offset

  Different companies want to build a website intention,Some are engaged in online sales,Wiping the site as one of your own sales products,To achieve sales。Some people want to promote their company's goods through this channel,Let the customer now understand the company's goods,Some people want to show their company's image through this channel.。


process of developing ecommerce website
(process of developing ecommerce website)

  two、Determine the website domain name

  Determine the construction intention of the website,The detailed steps to build the website are the name of the website.,That is a domain name and website called,Good domain name and website title is of great significance on the future publicity and implementation of the Internet。When named the domain name,It is best to choose short、Remember。This is more likely to remember better.,It is very convenient to visit your website in the future.。

  three、Planning website features

(process of developing ecommerce website)  According to the company's construction policy planning,The first is to determine the utility type of the website according to the requirements and programs of the company.。Most of the company's website is divided into company image form、Commodity propaganda、Network implementation、Customer service type、E-commerce。Each type of function is different,So to plan the function of the website according to the company's situation。

  Four、Website content plan

  Because there are many types of websites,So the plan for website content needs to be customized according to different types of websites.。

  Fives、Website test release

  The website is over the plan,Stringent test,In order to go to the market, the website will work properly.,No problem。The tests include many aspects,Want to check if the part is working properly。

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(process of developing ecommerce website)