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【New Wisdom Guide】15Created an online community4chan,this「genius boy」Chris Poole Leaving Google。This is a serious loss for Google。

2021year4moon22The big news of the day is undoubtedly,「genius boy」Chris Poole(Chris Poole)leftgoogle,5during the yeargoogleAfter several departments have tried, they still choose to leave,This pairgooglea serious loss。

(who develops websites)

So this「genius boy」Who on earth is it?

who develops websites

genius boyChris Pooleclaim to be 「Mark of the Underground·Zuckerberg(Mark Zuckerberg)」。

2009year4moon,Poole《era》Magazine rated2008Most Influential People in the World。

15founded the very famous4chan,4chanis an anonymousimageboardwebsite。It has grown into one of the most influential and controversial online communities to date。

who develops websites

The site is on2003year11Monthly launch,Dedicated to a variety of topics,From Anime and Manga to Video Games,music,literature,fitness,Politics and sports etc.。Because no registration is required,Users typically post anonymously。

User postings are also temporary,Because as long as the thread that received the most recent reply,just been「bump into」the top of the respective web target boards,However, the old thread is quickly replaced,So some releases may disappear soon。

as of2020year11moon,4chanmonthly visitors more than2000Ten thousand,Posts published per day are more than900,000,are staggering numbers,It also brings huge page views and company revenue。

LOLcats、RickrollingandAnonymousall from4chanstarted to explode。

who develops websites

who develops websites

But behind these successes,Back in the childhood of founder Poole,In fact, life is not good at all。

parents divorced,as the only child,Often at home alone,So he often has a circadian rhythm disorder。

But he kept his head up,I've always wanted to do something to support myself。

(who develops websites)

exist12when he had his own computer。Three years later,he launched4chan。The model he used was2chan,This was a very large image board in Japan at the time。

But when4chanTen years after its establishment,4chanGradually evolved into the most chaotic internet factory on the web。

4chanTwo of the biggest controversies on the web:celebrity nudity(Fappening)andGamergate,Namely the vicious battle against sexism in the video game industry。

who develops websites

famous british writer、actress emma kennedy (Emma Kenedy)I can't see it,Violently complained and criticized4chanwebsite The ugly face of overly free speech above。

This series of adverse effects also made Poole2015Resigned as webmaster,and sold the site to Japanese internet entrepreneur Hiroyuki Nishimura(Hiroyuki Nishimura),However, the transaction amount was not disclosed。

turning point——Googledig people

(who develops websites)

he2016the company,atgoogleServed as Google Maps Division(google maps) product manager of。

(who develops websites)

who develops websites(who develops websites)

He then joined the photo and streaming department,as a product manager,googleHe was hired to help companies reshape social media presence,aimed atFacebookcompete with each other。

During his five years he tried several different roles。He's the head of Google's internal business incubator and area120Project creator。

Leaving may be the right decision

(who develops websites)After multiple teams within the company tried,He finally chose to leave the search giant,Why is this?

According to the survey,Poole inGoogleThe last working day of the year is4moon13day,Poole completed his final role as product manager that day。

GooglePoole has also been confirmed(Poole)no longer work there,But it's unclear why Poole left.。

(who develops websites)

There are remarks that it may be because of Google's share allocation problem,Make Poole very unhappy。

at the same time,Poole also did not respond to multiple requests for comment on major social media,as if「human evaporation」same。

However, I think,Such a talented boy with endless creativity for online community building moments,Glows wherever,Let's wait and see this「Zuckerberg of the Underground」Chris PooleWhat kind of surprise will it bring us in the near future?!



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