website development market size


according toCNNIC2021Released in the fourth quarter of the year《China Internet Status Development Report》,From the statistical caliber given,Already a continuous decline。

(website development market size)Well-known,2010Due to strict implementationICPMake a record,The number of Chinese websites has fallen by the year132Ten thousand。and2009Data given at the end of the year,The total number of Internet sites in China is approximately323Ten thousand。

Means of2010yearICPStrictly review,The number of websites is about the province200More than 10,000。

(website development market size)website development market size

Reappear2018Previous previous data,In the past20Infant,China's website quantity,Peak2017year。achieve533Ten thousand,Subsequently decline。compared to2017year,The current total website has been reduced100Ten thousand。

(website development market size)website development market size

And this does not represent the decline of China's Internet,becauseipv6the address of,Year-on-year growth。

website development market size

Cut off2021.6,China'sipv6address,Have reached6.2100 million,This quantity is still in growth channels。

China has14Billion,General children can have mobile phone and Internet access,So they will have a new one.ipv6address。

so,The number of Chinese netizens is still in a growth channel,And the number of websites,The main reason is the development of mobile internet,APPWide application。Let the barriers between the various manufacturers of the Internet network continue to strengthen,For example, you can't share the shake in WeChat.(Although they are no longer set up,But still is not so convenient)。Another example, you use shake、Private letter,If you mention the word WeChat,Or in the idle fish chat,WeChat,Chatting in Taobao,WeChat,It will lead to official reminders,And other problems。

For websites,These barriers do not exist。Early development in the Internet,In NetEase、New wave、Sohu and other portals are still hot,Mutual mention of others,There is no problem,You can also directly click on the website to enter the competitor.。

Website is getting micro,Also gradually became a sunset industry。But this form of website,Should not disappear。

Remembacted a joke:A little friend,I feel that the wireless headset is easy to drop,Propose some headphones that should be invented by one,Connect to the phone,Can prevent loss。

There is also a joke saying that,Someone thinks that the mobile phone must charge,Use trouble in charging,Why don't you leave batteries and mobile phones?。

Will there will be one day,for example2045year,Someone:We create a kind ofAPPInformation release points that can be accessed,Everyone passes the default function of each mobile phone,You can open、Read this information?

I am now suspicious of this thing.。For00Later said,The website is already a relatively unfamiliar thing.,Once hot domain registration,BeAPPWide shock,At present, overall trend towards a shrinkage。The total number of domains is also rare to fall。Not only a unique suffix,Mainstream domain names are also inevitable。

Primary Internet products,It is difficult to avoid entering the sunset industry。Currently want to start a friend building,Very unintended to enter the pit,It is true to be a sunset industry,Less money,Live more,Much more,Have more disputes。


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