woocommerce website development cost


WooCommerceBuilding a station tool isWooThemesFlagship products,Currently24%Independent e-commerce is using its services,Have hundreds of plugins and themes。recently,Open source blog platformWordPressParent companyAutomatticAnnouncementWooThemes,I hope that it is more simple to sell online.。

For useWooThemesUser,After the acquisition, the service will not change much.。Other developers of third parties、Designer、Cost company and e-commerce service providers,The whole ecology becomes more large,Their chance is also increasing。The picture below is recent yearsWooCommerceDevelopment trend。

woocommerce website development cost

(woocommerce website development cost)As can be seen,More than competitorsMagentoback,WooCommerceStill maintain a very fierce momentum,In the top one million e-commerce website,about1.2Ten thousand uses their services。

Currently,WooThemesTeam has a total of55personal,Disperse around the world16Country,andAutomatticCurrently325Employee,distributed in37Country。Both are open source systems,useGPLprotocol。WordPressThe current market share is about23%,increasedWooCommerceAfter the user group,I want to influence the influence。

AutomatticReceived nearly ten years,This acquisition message will be their an important milestone.。The founder said in the blog post,In addition, there will be other news this year.。

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