woocommerce website development services


Hello everyone,I am a master of tools.。Today we share the cases to everyone to provide business models for productive services.。They will design services into productive services,Transition from the secondary industry to the main business。Although their customers don't have much,The loss rate is also relatively high,But the passenger price is very high,High profit margin,So it is also very profitable。 Apart fromDraftssThis main industry is outside,They started online from last year.Prospectss、Artworks、CodingssWaiting for other small projects,Still attempt。

  • brand:Draftss
  • Place:Mumbai, India
  • Founder:2people
  • Founding time:2018year4moon
  • Monthly:50000Yuan
  • Introduction:Transform design services into productive services(Subscription mode)

one、Hello!who are you,What kind of business are you doing??

Hello everyone,My name is Zhirid·Ansary(Junaid Ansari),Proficient market research,Marketing and sales。I and Amin· Memon(Amin Memon)Found togetherDraftss,This is a product-cultural flat design and front-end code service.,Subscribe price is only588Yuan/week。

(woocommerce website development services)HaveDraftss,You can from the brand、Logo、illustration、Login page、applicationUI、Package、Advertising platform、billboard、A variety of design services in graphics such as social media。

In addition to design,We also offerHTML/CSSFront-end code,Supported website builders includeElementor、Divi、Beaver、Oxygen、WPBakery、visualcomposerAnd other website builders,Such asWebflow、UnboundeWait。

(woocommerce website development services)We only provide graphics at first。But shortly after the release,Most of our customers also ask for services for their landing page.。Because we also have technical background(Partner Amin is a programmer),We also started to provide design、Code one-stop solution。So we have addedWordPressandHTML/CSSTo our service。

According to customer needs,We have been upgrading your tool library,Whether supporting various integration、design software,stillWordPressWebsite builder, etc.。recent,We have received a lot aboutShopifyandWooCommerceRequest。We alsoWooCommerceAdd to our support service。

exist2019year,We are54Customer created8000Multiple graphics design and100Multiple encoded pages,got436147Yuan's annual income(ARR)。exist2020year,We have been focusing on automation。2020year7moon,Our monthly income is63441Yuan;9Month growth98992Yuan/moon。

woocommerce website development services

two、What is your background story??How did you think of this idea??

(woocommerce website development services)In the past few years,We have been operating a design company as our deputy。After being inspired by some competitors to provide productive services,We think of a better process,This process is better、More efficient,Lower cost,The effect is better。

We hope to design and encode service products,The design team is like a product subscription.。You can purchase design or encoding subscriptions,Then you with a design or development team for you,Let them do all the work for you。When you complete the project,You can cancel your subscription。

We quickly created a landing page to verify this idea。FirstIndie HackersA post is released on the website,This post makes us gain the first four customers。

We take each task190The price of yuan has increased this experimental plan,Suppose customers want us to provide services,You can choose the monthly package。

three、Take us understand how you design、Making the first product?

Because we have already operated a design company,If you have any customers, you are interested,We have design resources to provide services。We have made a login page asMVP(Minimum feasibility product)Come to try。

The first problem we encountered is to find the right third party payment.。We list several payment companies,PaddleProductized services are not supported。2CheckoutSet is simple,But their customer support and document are painful.。6Month ago,We started usingStripetest,In the end we have changedStripe。

therefore weMVPThe total cost of the product is probably:domain name(66Yuan)+login page(Produce their own)+Contact form+ 2checkout(0Dollar)+ Tawkto(free)+Server hosting(99Yuan)+ G-suitee-mail(60Yuan),CompleteMVPproduct。

initial,We want to provide our customers with dashboards,But need to invest a lot of time,So we use third-party tools to manage our projects。over time,We joined more processes,Added more excellent designers,Better product service。

(woocommerce website development services)gradually,We start to provide more services,pictureHTML/CSS, WordPress, Webflow,Email, etc.。

Since its inception,We have made three dashboards,And complete the final version of the dashboard,We are considering open source instrument panels,Let everyone use it for free。

Four、Describe,Process you create this business?

In order to verify the feasibility of this idea,We have madeMVPAnd publish itIndie HackersOn the website,We have obtained from us4Customer。

Next,We will submit itProduct Hunt,Further verification of this service。3-5Day,We turn11Customer。At the end of the month,Our income is about21808Yuan。

The most effective way to verify is to communicate with everyone who visits our website.,And what will makeDraftssBe aware of the ideal provider to meet their needs。

According to customer feedback,We further improve the login page,Edited some common questions,Add more design in our works,Optimized website loading time,And other user experience,To make the landing page more beautiful and clear。

We reopeically launched our services on some design websites and blogs.。The traffic begins to rise,Constantly get users who are interested in our service。In this stage,We received a lot of demand for early users.,They are very interested in trying our services。

woocommerce website development services

Fives、Since the launch,What measures do you have to attract and retain our customers??

In the release stage,We provide a190Yuan's service plan,Users can test a task before subscribing to a long-term service plan。We noticed very few people to subscribe to this experimental plan.(Total2-3Customer),Others directly choose a monthly plan。

DraftssI spent a few months before I appeared in Google Search Home,Rank in some niche keywords3-6Position。Users like our landing page very much,We have also been based on thermogram analysis、Customer feedback and visitors are constantly optimizing it。

Currently,Most customers are optimized by search engines or contact us through our past services.。

We have three customers with customers.:

  • The first type of customer is an entrepreneur who wants to start a business.。They need a logo,A website,Some marketing materials to promote their ads,Verify theirMVP。Once these needs have been completed,Such customers will lose。
  • The second type of customer is a professional person from the startup management.,They will need some creativity from time to time.。Such customers generally subscribe3-6Monthly time,Once their creative needs are completed,They will lose,Until they need again。
  • Third types of customers are corporate customers who will subscribe every year.。The demand for such customers is not frequent,So we are based on the needs of such customers,Develop customized annual programs。

Our service is quite high.,This may be related to customer types using our services。People subscribe to our services,After getting the result they want,Will cancel subscriptions。

Of course,When customers have demand in the future,They will subscribe to our services again and complete their tasks.。We still test how to maximize this situation.,And by providing a large discount annual plan to retain customers,So they can work with us as long as possible。

(woocommerce website development services)woocommerce website development services

six、How are you doing today?,What will I do in the future??

Introduction2Years later,We finally reached the stage of fully automated internal processes.。Currently,The founder only did a few things,For example, recruit talents,Solve customer dissatisfaction,Get customers through online marketing,Consider service upgrade according to customer feedback,All of these will soon realize automation。

We will make profits from the first day.,Our entrepreneurial cost is very low,The previous introduction。We gradually stop the agent model,Turn to subscription mode。

Many competitors have received customers' main source is advertising。We have just started testing pay advertising,Soon will be put into heavy gold,To get more customers。

(woocommerce website development services)Currently,We are near70%The customer is the search engine.,leftover30%Is our old customer,Or passIndie Hackers、Reddit、Facebook Groups、HackerNewsWaiting for social platform to understandDraftssof。

Our business is mainly customer service that needs to be designed and encoded.。The core concept of our business process is to ensure that each design is completed by the most good designers.。

We look forward to a company that automatically,The founder does not participate in the company's operations,Only focus on expanding the scale,And maintain a look on the entire enterprise。

seven、During the operation of this business,Do you have anything special or beneficial??

Product chemical service model seems to be very profitable,Because customers can bring a lot of income,But the product of the product is difficult。You will encounter different types of customers,They have different needs,This is what you have not considered.。Some customers will like your service very much.,Some will hate you。

When you create a product of a product of a product,To make sure you have a strong team。The better the team,The better your service will,The more customers will naturally。Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful marketing model,Be sure to deliver the best thing to the customer,They will talk to you in the social circle。

If you are a person to manage the entire product service,That is not a business,In fact, it is another form of freelancer。If you are ready to form a team,And automate the entire process without you,Then enter productive services。

Producting services typically have a high customer's loss rate,Mainly on the type of service you provide。I believe in content writing field,Similar services will have fewer customer loss rates。

Eight、What platform is you used in your business?/tool?

Here are weDraftsTools and services used in:

Nine、for you,What affects you books?,Podcast or other resources?

recent,I like to watch Naison·Latca《Either success or fail:SaaSFounder sales》。He very insightful,There are a lot of things that need me to learn,Naison·Ratka is still a great podcast host。

ten、Suggestions for others who want to get started or just started?

(woocommerce website development services)Don't spend too much time to pursue perfection,It will never be“perfect”。over time,You can be based on the needs of customers,Continuous improvement of your product。

There are many free tools to help you complete the landing page,for example,Carrd、LaunchACoetc,One of them,Make your thoughts into login page,Set a price,Tools for a contact form and real-time chat。Introduce your products to the world,Talk to them,See if they are interested in trying。If they are interested,Okay,Now you can start doing better products.。

Talk to your customers。finally,Your customers are those that can make your product sustainable,Tell your vision and help you improve your product,Make it more convenient for them。so far,Before our10There are still some customers in a customerDraftss合作着。

Cooperate,我们分享了许许多多的来自各行各业赚钱案例,From last year to this year,后来一些作者不愿公开,We share a lot of money from all walks of life.,就没有再分享国内的案例了,Early our research analyzed some domestic money-making cases to help everyone learn their ideas,很乐意分享。Later, some authors were not willing to openidea,更希望可以帮到你学习获取想法的思路,Worried from other peers,如何营销获客,There is no more sharing in China.,等等。

(此处已添加How to market customers卡片,We hope that these sharing not only help you get ideas.)

想要学习更多的赚钱案例、I hope I can help you learn to get ideas.、知识、How to do a project,可以加入我们的VIP圈子,我们还特地为圈友们制作了6What is worth learning from。


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