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Australian media said,Retailers at Perth Airport will now accept mobile payments,To facilitate Chinese tourists shopping at the airport。

According to Australia《sydney morning herald》website8moon12daily report,The airport is working with Perth-based artificial intelligence software businessOpenDNAcooperate,in order to develop a shoppingAPP,So that Chinese tourists can stop at the airport、Shopping while travelling around Australia and even in China。

reported that,thisAPPwill beOpenDNAthe company'sRoolifeCustomized version of shopping platform,The platform is already selling Australian products such as baby formula and vitamins to Chinese consumers。

OpenDNABrian·Carl says,For businesses looking to make money from Chinese tourism spending,They need to consider the way these tourists trade。Chinese tourists spend more per capita in Australia than the next most spending group of tourists6500Dollar(1U.S. dollar equivalent7.06RMB——Note on this website)。

He said:“exist3year,China has gone from a cash-based society to a cashless society,Everyone is using their phone to buy anything,All-inclusive,everywhere。when you wake up in the morning、On the way to work、when buying food、Book vacations and chat with friends,use it。When you come to a place like Australia,I can't pay like I normally do when I buy things,it's a big change。Let them trade and shop from their phone,and the ability to maintain that connectivity after they return to China,We think this will bring disruptive changes。”

He said,One of the main reasons Chinese people travel abroad is shopping,And Australian products are at the top of their buying list。

(website development perth)Carl says:“When they tell friends and family they are going to Australia,will say,‘Oh this is my list of things to buy,I will transfer the money to your mobile wallet。’”

(website development perth)Kate, chief commercial officer at Perth Airport·Hallsgrove says,thisAPPBenefits for airport retailers seeking to diversify their business targeting the Chinese market。(compile/Cao Weiguo)