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A online business,Want to start the brand business layout smoothly,Then you need to formulate pricing strategies。If pricing is too high,Customers will not be willing to spend money;However,If the pricing is too low,Then the customer may think that your product is not good.。in the text,We will study what is pricing strategy、And ten pricing strategies。

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  • What is a pricing strategy?
  • 10Retail pricing strategy
website development pricing plans(website development pricing plans)

one、What is a pricing strategy??

Pricing strategy is to determine how product or service prices,It is a very critical part of the marketing combination.。

Price is usually an important factor affecting the success or failure of transaction,At the same time, it is difficult to determine in marketing combinations.。The goal of enterprise pricing is to promote sales,Get profit。This requires companies to consider cost compensation,Also consider consumers' acceptance of prices,Thus make the pricing strategy have the characteristics of bidirectional decision making。also,Price is also a flexible factor in marketing combinations,It can make a sensitive reflection on the market。

(website development pricing plans)Product pricing strategy considers a variety of business factors,Such as marketing goals、Target Audience、Brand status、product properties,Of course, there is any income target。Some factors affecting pricing include your product demand、Competitive company's pricing benchmark and the wave of economic trends, etc.。

website development pricing plans

two、10Retail pricing strategy

(website development pricing plans)1.Competitive pricing:This type of pricing strategy takes into account the market price of your product,But the cost of cargo is not considered.。The intense industry can choose to use this pricing strategy,Because the price is low, there is a big competitive advantage,But remember to check the price of competitors regularly,In order to adjust your own timely。

2.Geographic pricing:When considering the purchase place,Most consumers are for convenience,Will choose to go to the nearby store。Geographic pricing strategy depends on the location of your store,Those shops close to the city center,Pricing may be higher than the commodity pricing in the suburbs,Mainly because of a more expensive rent。

3.Subscribe-based pricing:In this mode,Your customers will pay you regularly within a certain period of time.。Subscribe-based pricing,Will usually get some discounts for customers,Generally, it is used with a member system.。Many e-commerce websites will use such pricing strategies,You can also use「On the line」The station system opens the member function,Do a e-commerce member website。

website development pricing plans

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4.Cost plus price:Pricing strategy for determining factors with commodity cost。Also known as the price increase pricing,You need to pay attention to production products and how much costs need to add fixed price increases for each sales。

5.Dynamic pricing:Also known as surge、Demand pricing or time-based pricing,This method relies on the needs of the product。For example, many hotels in the hotel are more expensive in the tourist season.,And the off-season is relatively cheap。

6.Free pricing:This is also currently common pricing strategies,Since“free”arrive“Pay”Transition slowly,When the company provides basic products to customers free of charge,Users can access advanced features by paying。「On the line」The station system is the pricing strategy used.,You can build it directly;But if you need more features and space,Then you need to upgrade payment package。

Many video sites are also using this strategy,Watch the video on the video website is free,But need to watch advertising;By upgrading website member package,Advertising will disappear;And members also have more features and privileges。

7.Hypoy pricing。The original meaning is to refer to the layer of fat on the milk.,Essence。And so-called 定 pricing,That is, the merchant pushes new products to the market,Use some consumers to seek new psychology,Set a high price,Take profit。Then go through time,Further, it is gradually reduced the price to enter the new product into the flexible market.。

A popular example isiPhone。Apple mobile phone released,that isiPhoneThe highest price。And when a new generation product is launched,Then the old model will cut prices.。By using this pricing strategy,Companies can recover some heavy costs。

8.Bundle price:Selling the two items together to sell as bundle pricing。Many sellers will put a hot-selling goods and a product or product cycle(Shelf life)Combine sales together。This method can quickly sell products before selling.,The supermarket is often doing this when you have to deal with expired food.。

(website development pricing plans)9.Psychological pricing:Usually appears on the restaurant menu、Retail store。An example is in price“9”。For example, nine nine will be attractive to customers.,Because they think these more cheaper than ten dollars,Great,Can not give up。

website development pricing plans

Online construction case,Reprinted

(website development pricing plans)10.High and low pricing:High and low pricing, also known as discount pricing strategies,Pricing strategy using this method is generally a discount、Full reduced online store,For example, it is a hundred dollars in the festival.,Sell 80 times,Can attract a lot of customers。This pricing strategy will make customers think that they have a big cheap,Therefore, it is suitable for use when promoting。

all in all,The pricing strategy of the online store is very rich,In accordance with the above pricing strategy to pricing,Maybe you can attract more customers.。