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People in the United States are robbing the most popular tickets to this quarter.:Appointment of new crown vaccine。Recommended method for appointment new crown vaccine,Is the website of a local hospital,Or hit the phone。But using these methods can crash。Many families have a hotline for several hours.,In ticketing website Eventbrite Let's go to the appointment information on the platform.,Last Patch 、Nextdoor Waiting for the local new website website desperate complaint。

in other words,American vaccination is a mess。Now,The disappointing people have begun to rely on themselves。

Carry·Kraf is experiencing such a situation,According to Texas rules,Kraf's father is eligible to vaccinate。Aware of this news,Claf tries to make an appointment of vaccination,I spent hours without appointment。Local injection of vaccine in Dezhou official website。Kraf's father went to more than a dozen,But there is no vaccination.。Some pharmacies and him,“Then ask again”。

Kraf said:“I think,‘This answer is too bad.’。New crown virus threatens my father。And my father is good.,It is also relatively young in the aged segment.。What is the bigger person??Those who can't ask if there is any vaccine??”

at 1 moon 2 day,Kraf from afternoon 3 Click to build a name“Texas new crown vaccine”Website,Until evening 11 Point is half。This website lists the places where Texas may also inject vaccines.。Clave is a digital product designer,She understands,Such a website is easy to read、Convenient navigation、Update is fast。Kraf Hope,People can transfer information on vaccination locations on this website.,Each time you upload, you need to fill three questions.:Can you inject a vaccine on the same day??Can this location be reserved??Is there a waiting list??

Claff puts the website in the cloud table service Airtable superior,In social media website Reddit Board a link,Then go to sleep。Day 7 in the morning,She woke up,There is a column that has already been filled.。Kraf said,I thought I thought:“At least some people care。”

Next day,Claf manually puts Texas 1400 The vaccination information is filled in the form。she says:“Since then, I can't get it.。”Claf estimation,I spend my week. 40 Hour free time to maintain the website。Start from the website,Total 5 Visit。

There are still many ways to help people appoint vaccination.,Clave's website is only one of them。US system is wrong,The Clarke Jian website is voluntary to fill the blank。

Another spontaneous founded website name“California vaccination”,Website is present in the form of California map。Users can click on their own location,Popked window offers qualification requirements、Vaccination、Contact information latest information,Users can make an appointment according to the contact information。

Sasiier is one of the initiator,Sasiir said:“I won't call this way.‘Crowdsourcing’。Although we are invited to tell us whether the information is over,But we are calling the vaccination point or ask medical staff.,See if you can vaccinate a vaccination、And what is the way?,This is what we get information.。”

Similar efforts have been quickly followed in the United States。Clave's website is based on Texas,Now Claff works with Oracle companies,At least in the United States 20 State created a similar website,It is expected to go online next week.。

(website development princeton)at the same time,New Jersey Software Engineer·Wu is in the twitter“California vaccination”Website,created“New Jersey vaccination”website。Wuhe Kraf,Flower a night to create a website,Manually add information,Later recruited volunteers,Help you verify that all website information is correct。Wu said:“If people don't believe this information is correct,Then our tools are not used。”

Others have created an open Google document.,Anyone can add information to the inside,Afterwards。In Princeton, New Jersey,Christar·Nappe created a similar form,Helping vaccine injection,Nappes named this form as“Princeton Planet”。Nappe wrote in the email,I started to fill in the table,Through“View all original information......Then updated”。This form covers the entire New Jersey,Now listed on Wu's website。

Software engineer living in Brooklyn·Bena mi makes the vaccination for your grandparents,Find information with New York official vaccine search tools,Failure to find information that the vaccination point can also inoculate。Later,Bena is created a website“New York City Vaccination List”。Bena is helping to help with several friends,Established an automatic detection system,The system is a few minutes,Will view 45 Official vaccination website。

The information and recruitment of volunteers may help reduce the workload of website creators.,But accept the founder interviewed by the author,Almost everyone is very tired,I have to go to work during the day.,Need to balance work on both sides。Wu said:“Go to bed from getting up at night,Remove rest and eat,Full of work。”

Doctors·Jane Harley·Akbania treatment in Chicago for new crown patients,They also have the same feelings。Two people work together,Communicate information for residents in the health risks of Illinois。Akbania said this:“We have a job。We do this is the time of the night and weekend.,Into it.。We still don't take money。”Akbania said,The doctor belongs to the first population of vaccination,But the doctor feels a bit embarrassed to this.。Akbania witnessed their patients and colleagues died in new crown,She really wants to help。

Akbania created a public bags document,Listed above also reservation。Simply New Crown Activity Group“influence”CEO,It created a vaccine information center,Service and medical staff without formal contractual relationship。

Akbania and pharmacy contact,Let more people know their own Google documents。Akbania said:“Where can I inoculate?、Can detect、Can get help,Nothing,I am very sad。”

These sites can only fill blank,In the end, you can't solve all problems.。If the public visits exceeds 100,Google documents often collapse,Website also collaps。And if the user is not available,Or do not understand operation,These methods will be a lot of ways。The elderly browse the Internet generally will not be like called call.,So many websites rely on volunteers to answer the phone、Helping groups with high health risks。

This can also serve people with disabilities and people who don't know.。The public package website is also trying innovation in helping people who don't speak English.。Demonstrate,Some volunteers go to the church,Use Spanish to clarify the untrue information about the vaccine。Kraf said,Oracle is translating your materials,Serving Spanish users。

In the epidemic,Collaborate with volunteers、Communication information requires multiple applications。Bena,Use a shared Discord server,Come communicate with volunteers。Many people also use Airtable,Almost all teams interviewed by the author,There are twitter accounts,In this way, attract potential volunteers,Or if someone knows that there is an elderly need help,Can be connected by this。

These volunteers understand,Now the ordinary people are doing things,In fact, it should be the responsibility of the government.,But volunteers believe,Complain。Briefly:“We create a team,Because when the epidemic is started,we discover,No national plan to fight new crown virus。Part of the reason is the new crown virus is a new face,In some cases, there is no collaborative effort in public health to solve this problem.。We believe,We have made public health believers,Creating a website is the extension of our responsibilities。”

Zass,she says:“We are not to blame anyone。The whole system is carrying a particularly large pressure,The problem is really complicated。”

In many volunteers,Help create these websites,It is a sense of rejection community。After nearly one year of social isolation,People need this sense of belonging。Sasiir said:“Two weeks ago,I will feel that I still feel that I have no hand.。There are already many people who have said,Our website helps them inoculate the vaccine。I'll never forget。”

(website development princeton)Kraf's father finally underwocing a vaccine。Claff parents in the early hours of the morning 3 Point up,drive 45 Minute local hospital reservation,Go home again,Then inoculate it at a point in the afternoon.。

Kraf said:“Which one is 70 Older person,In the early morning 3 Take a few hours of the car,Vaccine?”Such problem,The list of the public can not answer。