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(wordpress website design development)Operate a separate station,The speed and security of the server are the top priority!

  • speed。I want to be a way to do it.“Sell out”Website,Speed is be sure to optimize!

“As page load time goes from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increses 123%.”——From Google

visible,The speed of the website will directly affect conversion rates

The desktop is still still so,When developing a mobile phone,Speed more attention。after all,According to Google's previous survey data:70%Mobile phone is still3GOr under the following network environment。Thereof53%Website visitor chooses to leave a load speed exceeding3Second website。

So the contents of this type of video on the desktop side,Mobile phone is actually optionally cancel。In general,The mobile phone page is still suggested for static,The content is mainly text and pictures。

The speed of the website is generallyPage size、Page request quantity、Error request quantityOptimization。

Recommend several website page speed tools:



This tool can run a simple test or execute advanced testing。

(wordpress website design development)dareboost


This tool allows you to observe more in the same environment more intuitively.,Different two separate station page loading procedures。



This is a free online tool,Enter the URL directly to speed measurement。

solarwinds pingdom


have14Free trial period

  • Safety。Friends doing separate standing,Probably I don't want to wake up myself.,ReceivechromeTip website is risky。Really is“Be lightweight”,Dozens of inquiry behind the loss!

I have to mention this time.SSLCertificate,Certificate of protection。SSLCertificate has a fee and free,Generally,The website is completely enough.。But if you want to buy a feeSSLCertificate,The deadline is one year,It's time to renew。

Safety this piece,There is quite a lot of details in a separate battlefield.,But these are the least ignored!

All mentioned today,In fact, these can“Sell out”The reason why the independent station is doing is not stopped here.。Subsequent maintenance operations,Monitoring statistics,Data tracking, etc.,The key to the increase of access。