website development principles


Due to the rapid development of the Internet,Simple website design is the pursuit of every webmaster。why?The main reason is that simple website layout is also very light,The maintenance cost is relatively low,More in line with responsive design。Natural minimalist styles,This makes many brands to choose this model to create a website.。However,Appreciate this type of website and build aconciseWebsite is two yards。

website development principles

When many people make web pages,Due to not elements,It is easy to design according to some style。butconciseStyle design is very difficult,Because there are very few elements,And it is difficult to build an attractive website。therefore,Not all websites are usedconcisestyle of。Establish aconciseSite,What is a common problem??

first,Too many website content。If in someMallThere are a variety of products in the website,You need to use the page containing a lot of content when you create a website,And you can classify the content。therefore,conciseStyle page is not suitable for this type of website。However,In someMallIn the construction of the website,They stillConciseStyle design。E.g,They hide users no longer needed。

(website development principles)

second,There are many ads on the website.。We all know that advertising and simple style cannot appear at the same time.。Because simple-style websites need accurate and detail,If some external advertisements are inserted in the website,Will affect the layout of the website,For example, the color used in the advertisement。Even if the ad has been set,It will also become the burden of simple websites.。

third,Young people's website。Young people usually feel boring on simple style websites,Because young people are full of activities,Need to stimulate。The website they like should have a very powerful visual effect.,Includes audio and video。

(website development principles)So what is the principle of simple website design??

first,Main design login page。If there are a lot of content,But you can use very little,So you can design a good login page as the entrance of the website。

Secondly,Take advantage of the top space。Simple style design should also be based on user habits。When the user visits the website,They must first pay attention to the top。Then,They should set some high quality content at the top,And populate these contents to attract users。

third,Simple design is best for a page and a topic。according toconciseStyle design,Every page should be a visual concept,Do a visual work。

conciseThe construction of the style website can be carried out according to the above aspects。but,have to be aware of is,conciseStyle is simple,Don't add some extra content to the website。If you don't know how to build a website

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