website development using wordpress


website development using wordpress(website development using wordpress)

Old saying goes well:Know each other,No war

(website development using wordpress)If you don't say that the ancestor's wisdom, the wisdom of the ancestors is reasonable.,《The Art of War·Seek》There is a sentence:Know each other,No war。Of course,Not your opponent here,But your customers。

MakeB2BEnterprise,Business independent station needs combined with market demand,The previous website research and analysis helps us understand customers。What is the real demand for the customer??Analysis of whether its own product is customer needs?

(website development using wordpress)A very simple truth:Products have not cut in customer needs,Why customers want to send you a disc?

(website development using wordpress)Collection through a large number of information data、Industry research to lock your target group,Draw a clear user portrait,Further determine the position of the website。

The position of the website is a critical step,No matter what model your company's business is,A precise website positioning is the first first thing is to clarify your identity.。

(website development using wordpress)for example,The company is ready to build a station with the image of the factory.,Don't say that you are traders;If the cause of the industry,If you must be positioned as traders,Forter to say that he is a factory, it is appropriate.。

After you know your identity,Be firmly to convey your identity to your target group,Let your target group know——Who are you