resources needed for website development


Many companies are currently under construction,To know the website construction time and the website construction steps,What information to do for the preliminary website must be prepared,If the grass is made a website,Not good results from the website。

Doing the website information is mainly divided into two parts,One is the website for reference and website related content

one、Website record information

(resources needed for website development)The website wants to use domestic servers must make a record,Website record processes are more troublesome,Generally, website construction companies are handled,Enterprises only need to prepare the necessary information。

Website domain name real name requires a copy of business license、Domain list、Mail、address、Phone number,The current filing is an electronic filing,Need to provide2Mobile phone number、Original photo、Legal perspective/Website person in charge of the original ID card,Website record time is generally20Working day,Want to complete the website as soon as possible,Information must be ready。

resources needed for website development

two、What information is available for website?

(resources needed for website development)If there is no information,I started working on website construction work.,All said“Make bricks without straw”,No content,Good website construction companies don't know how to do,Website needed to build a companyLogoSource File、Company Profile、Product Image、Corporate material、Contact information、Website section, etc.,To complete the website construction faster and online。

1)Refer to the website:Website construction cannot be played freely,It is recommended that companies give some reference websites according to their own preferences.,Using the website construction company as a reference,Don't inform the website to build a company's opinion on the website,The website made may not be able to meet the requirements of the company.,This is delayed,There is also anti-repeated reputation,White wasting time energy,If3-4Reference website,More easily achieved satisfactory results。

2)design style:Domestic and foreign aesthetic style for the website is different,Domestic customers have more diverse websites,And more materials more likely to introduce some websites,So when designing the website,To be the user experience,Page simple generous,Prominent theme,What can I quickly understand what the website is dry?。

3)Website hue:Although the theme style of the website is free to play,But everyone is different for the aesthetics of colors.、Preliminary colors before design,Both parties need to communicate and confirm,The general technology industry is biased to blue、Environmental friendly、The tourism industry is biased towards green、The catering industry is biased towards yellow,If there are companiesVI,Website theme color is aroundVImiddlelogoColor is doing a websiteUIdesign。

4)Website column:For companies that are planning to do websites,To determine how the website is designed,General enterprise website column:website homepage、about Us、Product center、success case、news、feedback、Recruitment、After-sales service、Contact us, etc.。

5)Website version:The website is a computer client or a mobile client?Still+Mobile phone adaptive?