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Frost developer of Brian Gardner recently said,WP Engine already from himacquisitionspan Frost project。quilt WP Engine post-acquisition,Frost business models will change,It will become a free and open source project in the future,and focus on full website editing。Gardner will be available to all using Frost of users refunded。

wordpress website developer india

Frost Yes Brian Gardner published earlier this year WordPress Paid themes,It is also the main product of his new startup.。Frost The original version was as Genesis Published as a subtopic of,and Genesis Yes Brian Gardner Another company previously founded StudioPress the theme framework。

as now Frost Same,WP Engine exist 2018 acquired in StudioPress,After being acquired Gardner also joined WP Engine,but in 2019 years he WP Engine Resigned from relevant positions,the next two years Gardner has been developing an independent Frost。This year 9 moon,Gardner back again WP Engine and served as chief developer。

(wordpress website developer india)Gardner explained his return WP Engine back,Frost Reason for being acquired。Brian Gardner Express:"I am leading WP Engine of WordPress Developer Relations Team。we have a simple task:accelerate WordPress innovation,Helping the community transition to the block editor and site-wide editing。“

just because Frost Powerful features of the block editor,and its WP Engine goals coincide,WP Engine final decision to buy Frost。

for with WP Engine Commitment to giving back the core value of alignment,Frost will also transition from paid to free。Gardner Express:"Given the changing business model,We will issue full refunds to all users。through open source Frost And focus on site-wide editing,We hope to encourage the community to experiment with block editor extensions。We believe in its potential,Looking forward to helping it grow"。

Frost The relevant code is hosted at GitHub Up WP Engine theme library,open to all,But it is still in the experimental stage。Now I'm most curious about the developers Brian Gardner will resign、Start a business again,and the project was again WP Engine acquisition。