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(restaurant website developer)In the past, many traditional gourmet catering businesses only focused on offline,As a result, customers lost a lot of customers during the epidemic at the beginning of the year。so,Catering industry should also pay attention to the online economy,Allow yourself to have a stable source of online customers。Make your own gourmet catering website,It will be very helpful to develop the online catering industry for merchants。Today I'm going to teach you how to eat and drinkWebsite development and construction

restaurant website developer

The steps of food website development and construction can be divided into the following4step:

1.launch website

The first step is to choose a website builder that meets your business needs,Make it as simple as possible,Allows you to quickly build a website;And this website development and construction company has a good reputation in the industry。“On the line”The website is very suitable for beginners,Publish a website quickly without knowing any coding skills。There are currently more than three million users worldwide,good reviews,There are rich templates、Features you need for a restaurant website。

2.Build the layout

(restaurant website developer)exist「On the line」choose one“delicacy”template,Click on the left“Add new section”,you can add the functionality you need。image of the board、Word、layout、order can be changed,A web page is made up of various sections。

restaurant website developer

The templates and elements provided on this display page are only for displaying functional effects,Unauthorized use for other purposes

The website navigation bar is the title of each section on the left(If you don't need this section title to show in the navigation,Can be unchecked“Show this page in the navigation bar)。Catering website navigation must be eye-catching、clear、simple,Makes it easier for visitors to find information,Improve visitor access efficiency。

restaurant website developer

The header image setting selects a representative food image,Or you can also like this food website like the picture below,Set the header image to a carousel style,Recommend your own signature dishes。

restaurant website developer

After that, let the visitor know more about you,You can display your own food photo album in the next section、video、Product Story、Brand copy,Let visitors know more about you。

3.Domain settings

In the top left corner of the site editor“set up”inside,You can set a website domain name,The domain name can be the abbreviation of the restaurant brand name、all spells,To impress customers。

restaurant website developer page

Catering websites need to give customers very detailed contact information,Include a message form、map address、Mail、telephone、social media accounts etc.。

restaurant website developer

The above is the development and construction of the website of the catering enterprise4steps,Even beginners with zero foundation can do it quickly!This tutorial is very suitable for ordinary catering businessmen、Start-up catering business,It's all stupid,No need for a brain。