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  Virginia University Art Studio is a strict undergraduate course,Committed to professional art training in a background of the University of Arts University。The department leaders consisting of a group of internationally renowned artists,Secondary access to artists and lecturers,Provide a solid foundation for the main art tradition and contemporary studio practice。

  The Artistic Profession in the University of Virginia is designed to meet the various interests and capabilities of students.。It provides services to students who want to become a professional artist.,And welcome those plans to create、Space and design capabilities are engaged in career students。The department provides a movie、painting、new media、painting、photography、Many courses such as prints and sculptures。Encourage students to use a variety of media work in this professional course,Expand their creative choices。In addition to the course of reading the art of the studio,We also encourage students to read the following courses.:Art History This can understand the extensive artistic performance and explanation of different cultural periods。

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  University of Virginia Art History Course

  Art History undergraduate course enables students to have basic skills and perspectives of liberal arts:Thinking clearly and critical,Write articles,turn up、analyze、Evaluation and present facts and ideas。Art History School is committed to cultivating students to become outstanding thinkers and writers,And complex visual evidence explanation。Students are in ancient Mediterranean、South Asia and East Asia、Italy and Northern Renovation、middle Ages、Modern and contemporary European and US courses create and see artistic environment and cultural background with strict historical understanding。Teachers' research and teaching introduced to students a wide range of media:From painting,sculpture,Print and painting,Photography and movies,Archeology,architecture,Urbanism and material culture。

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  US International Education Introduction,Virginia University Art Management Major is an interdisciplinary field,Research art、The actual management of cultural and entertainment organizations and companies。Artistic pilot initiatives have been repositioned in Arts and Sciences。As in the past,Art administration combines the actual skills of art and cultural management and the actual skills of community construction.,And more theoretical thinking about the role of art in society。also,We have taken an exciting design idea,So re-accessing this website often develops news。