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student website developers(student website developers)

When Bei Technology,Online information is very small,Baidu Encyclopedia。That2020Year-oldCRound financing,And the founder after this company is when Beibei TechnologyCEO,,Operator Finance Network also tries to combat his experience。

Jin Linglin1989Born in a well-off home,There is not much about his background information on the Internet.,I only learned that the civil engineering professional studying in college。

At present, the founder of Beibei TechnologyCEO,Although you are young,But Jin Lilin can say it is a senior Internet.,From a small little interest and talent to your computer。

student website developers

There is an article on the Internet,“Jinling Lin began to play computer at first time,And build a personal website,Do internet traffic business,Frequently pushed into a piece”。

and2019Another article in the year is also written,“Jinling Lin tells zinc finance,He has a strong interest from a small computer,I started to build a website in the second day.”。

This article doesn't know if it is wrong.,Because this thing is worthy,A second-second student is genius,It is impossible to write code、Program,Don't you write a code?、Program?and,Even ways of using the optional template,Also need to buy domain names,Rental server, etc.,Unless otherwise counseling,Otherwise, this is the first two students can do itself.?so,How to build a personal website in Jinson,He really needs to be clear after the future.。

but,This is destined to Jinling Lin is the material that must be generated as a boss.,He has a total of three times,One in the campus,Once, it is today's Bei Technology。

(student website developers)2008Daye Create School Forum,Get the unanimous recognition of students。Last 2nd,Jinling Lin officially started business,The big four registration established the first company,Create Jiaxing College Network with Classmates,Earn the first bucket of the Internet。

2012He is in Shenzhen to Shenzhen,Inadvertently discovered on TV, you can see Youku。This triggered his thinking,He thinks this is a trend,Many young people don't like TV.,But coupled with the Internet,Equivalent to introducing technology“Minimally invasive new”,Will bring a change in a industry,This also became the opportunity of his second startup。

(student website developers)2013year8moon,When Beiwai Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established,Focus on the large-screen business,And across the software、Hardware and operating system full-ecological large screen Internet platform-based companies。

However, the initial entrepreneurship did not imagine such a smooth sailing.,The second year of the establishment of Bei Technology,Due to the continuous investment of the previous funds,Company funds are in precariously。

But fortunately,When the shell has gained a Radijun's investment。Research and developmentAPP“As a shell”Successfully launched,Currently covered2Billion home users,The company turns to the danger。At that time,Jinling Lin is also25age。

(student website developers)2016year,Jinling Lin also turned his eyes to projections.,He believes that projection equipment will grow into a huge bonus blue sea market.。

Let the team work-developed team part-time to do hardware equipment is very courageous.,During the period, there are countless failures and difficulties.,Jinling Lin has insisted on the team.。

(student website developers)Hard work pays off,2019year1moon,As a shellF1Projection equipment,When Bei Technology officially announced will enter the intelligent projection hardware。Subsequently when the large-screen smart hardware products such as Shebe boxes have appeared in Jingdong.、Tmall and other major e-commerce platforms,After only one year of precipitation,2020The year is a single month sales in the e-commerce platform.1100 million,Get good grades in the first place of Jingdong Table Platform。

(student website developers)Afterwards, Jinling Lin said,“Pressure in the name of the board,exist2019Annual decisive bureau big screen hardware field,It is not enough to sell goods.,Review this year is very successful。”

(student website developers)Thanks to his advance vision,This year is just31Jindalin,exist2018Yearly《Forbes》China30Position30List of entrepreneurs below,And Hu Run Fengfu is selected for two consecutive years.“30x30Entrepreneurial leader”List。Current business valuation has exceeded billion dollars。

2021year,Jinling Lin said that when Bei Technology's next goal is to go to the United States for the next two years.。It is reported that,As of2020year,Company has completedCRound financing。But on the current US listing policy,Can I have not known according to the expected list of Jinlinglin?。