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Hello everyone,I am Okai Xiaohao,Delivery goods shared are about gourmet websitesSEO。

New Media Age is coming,Various gameplay is endless,Takeaway is one of them,Gourmet website is also hot。Five lakes, local recipes,Pay attention to the knowledge of eating health,Packer people's forum,These are the cause of the food website.。So the competition of the gourmet website is getting more intense.,Only do keyword optimization rankings,Can get higher traffic exposure and ranking。So how should the food website optimize??(Key words optimization ranking)

website development wellington

one、Key words tap

Key words tap of gourmet website is a technology,Because many users are searching for specific gourmet names,Such as“Sweet and sour pork ribs”、“French ohm egg”、“Wellington Steak”Wait,So many dishes need to be developed and optimized。Also need to pay attention to the optimization of brand words and keywords,Furthermore, the long term is used to optimize the ranking。Website can also make keyword optimization ranking through user intentions,for example“No oven”、“Low card”Wait。(Key words optimization ranking)

two、Key words ranking optimization

(website development wellington)

After taking a keyword,Just need to rank optimization of different indices.,Some optimization tools or natural optimization of soft text,Rationally guide spiders to increase the weight of the food website。(Key words optimization ranking)

three、Website content optimization

Users often pay attention to the content of the food website,Clear picture,Feeling video,Delicate recipes are a strong means of competition for food websites,So there is also a requirement for the content layout page of the website.。(Key words optimization ranking)